How to Get a Work/Life Balance

How to Get A Work/Life Balance

Some people are natural workaholics and find it hard to split their time between work and pleasure. Working from home it can lean both ways too. That’s why you need to balance how much time you spend doing either.


First of all, you should give yourself deadlines. By using a diary or a calendar, note down the jobs you need to get done for the upcoming week/month. This way you will be able to organise your time without getting into a flutter. Do the same with lunch dates, exercise and fun time!


On those motivated days, it’s a good idea to prep and schedule social media, mail outs, blog posts etc. This way you focus on other jobs and tasks without worrying so much about deadlines. There are benefits to scheduling posts, social media and emails. Here’s a guest post I did showing you how!


In addition to getting lots of works done it’s important to have your own time. Having your own time to do things you enjoy is very important.  Don’t let work overload and spill into your leisure time. Give yourself deadlines for when work needs to STOP. Prevent yourself from having constant accessibility to your work by shutting off work email, turning off your work phone and putting on the out of office machine.


Perfectionism demands time. As you climb the career ladder, perfectionism can get out of reach as you’re always striving to be better than what you can achieve. The more you reach for perfectionism the more time you take out of your day to get it. Ultimately, if you let go of perfectionism you allow yourself to enjoy what you do.


Lastly, just because something needs to be done urgently doesn’t mean it is important. Prioritise what needs to be done first and how much time will it take. If it cuts into personal time, that’s when you need to consider the importance of it.

Overall, unless someone’s life is at stake there is NO reason to get stressed with work. You will be able to enjoy yourself soon enough! Stick to your plans and don’t get distracted.

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