How to Build Your Confidence


Confidence is not all about feeling great physically. It’s also about being confident in your mind and soul. Now don’t get me wrong, I am NO expert at confidence but my confidence is a darn sight better than what it used to be. Today I’m going to share some of my personal ways of feeling better in the confidence department.


Ever heard of the phrase “fake it ’til you make it”? Yeah, I’m sure you have. Well, this is one (not so easy) way of breaking out of your comfort zone and slowly building confidence. Remember this does take a bit of emotional strength. But playing the part of someone who is confident will slowly get you used to your surroundings and naturally put you at ease.


Working out not only encourages certain endorphins to get flowin’ but it also increases energy and gives you a much more positive state of mind. Positivity = confidence booster. Oh and when you get your hot bod in those sexy skinny jeans you’ve been eyeing up then confidence should start coming pretty natural.


Hang out with positive people you already feel comfortable with. Spend time with others outside of your house and overall, get out more. Does that sound mean? Haha, sorry. BUT it’s true. Going out with friends and family will make you confident in going out to public places and “being seen.”


Worrying about other’s opinions on your life, choices and goals has NO bearing on your life. Ya hear? NOOOO BEARING ON YOUR LIFE.

People who feel the need to make others feel bad clearly have negativity in their heart. Once you realise that their desire is to make you feel as bad as they do you will be able to move on from what they think and focus on your own desires.


As well as socialising you need to start to do things by yourself. Getting used to doing things on your own is a big step into gaining your confidence. Going to a cafe with a book or your laptop is a great way to get used to being out in public on your own.

Overall, it’s time to be happy with yourself, your life and your ambitions. Surround yourself with positivity and believe in yourself. Once you start to do this, confidence will come. Block out the pessimism around you and blossom into someone who cares not about others. 

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