How to be More Organised

How to Be More Organised

Whether it be in your everyday life, work or organising blogging, you want things to run smoothly, professionally and with as much ease as possible. This is where being organised is handy!


My first and favourite thing to do to be more organised!

Each day I write down what I need to do (whether it be small or large tasks). I write lists for shopping items, workout routine, work tasks – you name it. It may seem excessive but if you’re thankful like moi, then this is the first and best step to getting your ass organised!


I swear by this rule! If you organise what you are going to wear, eat and carry with you the night before, you are less likely to forget something. Never again will you have to wake up and wonder what to wear, because you already did it the night before!


In an office environment, there is folders and paperwork all over the place. Label shelves, cupboards and folders according to contents to ensure everyone knows where items are kept. For example, keep a filing cabinet for accounts, a cupboard for stationery and folders for minutes and agendas. Label clearly so others can use it easily too.


Get a diary or a planner (or even use the calendar on your phone) to organise your appointments and to-do list. Put it somewhere where you will see it every day (near the fridge is a good place!) and keep checking it and updating it with your plans. This way you won’t double book.


Giving yourself deadlines for tasks will increase your productivity and help you focus on one task at a time. By setting an alarm you are able to remind yourself to stop and move onto the next item on your to-do list. It will also help remind you of appointments on your calendar (in case you need that little extra reminder!)


Keeping everything organised isn’t just keeping things neat and tidy. It’s about items having a place in which you know where to get it. Have your wardrobe, drawers, desk and whatnot arranged in a way that you will be able to find things easily. Keep work and lounge clothes separate, books in alphabetical order, desk items arranged by task etc. But don’t overdo it, otherwise, it will become counterproductive.


You may have seen my benefits of decluttering post which shows that getting rid of the rubbish clears not only your wardrobe but your mind. By removing the junk from your computer, phone, social media and bedside cabinet can help in improving how you organise your life. You will be able to sort and keep everything in its place a lot easier when there’s less to organise.

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Are you particularly organised? What do you do to keep your life and work in order?

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