How I Keep On Top of My Blog

How I Keep On Top of My Blog

Keeping my blog organised can be hard. Depending on what is going on in daily life, with work and whether I feel motivated or not are all factors on whether I can keep on top of it. Most of the time I am pretty good at it. Today I thought I would show you how I organise myself and my blog.

You can download my to-do list here and check out other blog resources on my Freebies page.


I keep a list of all my ideas in a notebook entirely dedicated to my blog. At the back of the notebook, I write down notes and plan out my post content including headings etc. This way I can ensure all my ideas are there in front of me and I don’t just write as I go along (I tend to ramble when I do that!)


You will have seen on Instagram and in many of my blog photos my big pink planner. It is here where I write down when I am going to publish my posts, including deadlines for any collaborations.

I find this makes sure I have different types of content spread out. But it’s usually just a guideline! I don’t have to stick to it if I don’t feel like it.


It’s hard for those who work full time or have a household to look after to find time to write. So, pick a day when you can truly focus on your blog. Or if you feel inspired one evening, have some me time to work on your hobby!

I ensure all my work and errands is done before I work on my blog. This way I won’t be distracted!


Some days light can be better than others. So when there is a decent light, I check out what blog posts I have coming up and take photos for a selection of posts. I also have a few generics in there too for future use.

I then edit through Photoshop, save and they are ready for when I write and upload.

I’ll be honest, I’m not afraid to use stock images or reuse my old edits. It can be hard to find inspiration to do photography and blogging is about content too right?


If I am feeling particularly motivated, I will write four or five posts in a day. Then when it comes to scheduling, I do my proofreading and editing, upload my pictures, deal with SEO etc.

This is the blog work I do on less motivated days or whenever I have writer’s block. It’s super handy to have a backup of posts in your drafts!


I schedule my social media (Twitter) in Hootsuite. You can also do this for other platforms such as Facebook too but I decided against a Facebook page for a while! I tend to do this when all of my posts are scheduled and ready to go. As you can guess, I do everything in mass. It just means I have plenty of time before the next round of posts need to go live.

I do my social scheduling when all of my posts are scheduled and ready to go. As you can guess, I do everything in mass. It just means I have plenty of time before the next round of posts need to go live.

I also often schedule the images for Instagram on Planoly which (when published) immediately post to Tumblr and Pinterest via IFTTT.


When my post is live, I pin the images (to Pinterest obviously) and add the page to Stumble Upon. It’s extra exposure after all!


  • Flagging emails regarding collaborations,
  • Updating a database of collaborations, deadlines, and budgets,
  • and monthly updating of Media Kit.

How do you keep on top of your blog? I’d love to hear your tips! You can download my to-do list here and check out other blog resources on my Freebies page. 

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