How I Improved My Instagram

How I Improved My Instagram

Bloggers, influencers and Instagram users have overall been incredibly disappointed by the platform since the changes made when Facebook took over. We have algorithms, follow bots and shadow banning. I’ve decided too much hard work goes into Instagram for all of this to get me down. So I’ve decided to improve my account and how I run things.


When users had the option to make their Instagram a business profile, many bloggers thought this would help them in both engagement and collaborations. But since I’ve decided to go back to basic blogging, I removed this feature and actually found my engagement is higher than before.

I like that I can’t see my insights. You can be distracted by followers, viewerships etc.


I’ve not only made my account back to a personal one, but that also means my photos are also more personal. I’m photographing day to day activities and my interests. Not just doing what looks aesthetically pleasing. This has also improved a number of people liking my posts, although I did think it would deter them!


I have removed myself away from the neutral, faded, white, grey and black images. I think summer (and my mode) has inspired me to keep things bright and colourful.

Here is how I edit my Instagram photos!

Although it is supposedly more popular to have a neutral theme, I feel like I’ve moved away from that and enjoy seeing vibrant images on my feed.


As well as changing the type of images I post every now and then, I also mix up my hashtags. This is apparently a good way to ensure you don’t get shadow banned. Whatever that is supposed to mean. Basically, people can search a hashtag, right? Well, if they don’t follow you and you’ve been shadowbanned, your image won’t appear in their search. Crap right? So, it’s said that to make sure you don’t get this happening, you need to add new hashtags amongst your copy and pasted favourites.

I’ve found my engagement has gone up more because of using new and different hashtags and not always the same one.


Putting it bluntly… I’ve stopped caring. The more you care, the more pressure you put on yourself. Less Pressure means less fun. And that’s what photography and Instagram should be. Capturing moments that make you happy.

Do you have any other tips to help improve engagement and enjoyment of Instagram? 

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