How I Edit My Instagram Photos

How I Edit My Instagram Photos on A Color Story

I often get asked on Instagram what filter I use or how I edit my photos. Therefore, I thought I would go into a little more detail today of what I do for the majority of my pictures. I’ve given some tips how to improve your Instagram account and how to increase your followers  but this is simply to show how I’m editing my Instagram photo when using A Color Story. I do also change my mind and use other apps but this is just for when I decide to be bright and colourful.


I take photos of practically anything and everything. As long as there is a good amount of light to ensure the quality isn’t too grainy, I’m good to go!

I mean Instagram has got a little serious lately. Many bloggers are feeling the pressure on how and what to photograph. But I just like to make sure my photos are of good quality and are easy to edit. That’s it! I even post old pictures every now and again. You can also do what I sometimes do and bulk photograph!


I used to use VSCO. It was the perfect app for creating a neutral theme, but not so good for creating a colourful one (well in my opinion). And recently I have moved away from the neutral, dulled colours and fade look and opted for more of a happy, bright and light colour scheme.

I now use A Color Story as my go-to app. My favourite filters include:

  • ESSENTIALS – Pop / Lite Bright
  • GOOD VIBES – Disco Ball
  • BLUSH – Summer Day
  • CHROME – Light / Blue Skies
  • FRESH – Clear
  • CANDY MINIMAL – Jelly Bean / Macaron
  • FLASHES OF DELIGHT – Carrie / Cassidy

I mostly use Pop or Carrie as these create a bright and colourful image. I sometimes reduce the contrast depending on the image. But not much else is required. Sharpen and Structure are fab tools for giving the image a bit of depth.

I also use Snapseed to adjust shadows and selective editing. This is handy for those dark spots that need brightening.

If you have particularly yellow or dark images I use the whiten tool on Facetune. Super handy!


Plan your Instagram feed and schedule with Planoly. I’ve been using this since I moved away from VSCO. It’s a great way to remind you to post your Instagram blog post promotion! It’s also a fab way to see how your photographs look next to one another!


All that you need to do now is upload your image with a caption and hashtags.

I post a few times a day and my captions vary from stating the obvious, micro-blogging or just cute emojis when I have no idea what to say.

I then post my hashtags in the comments section. Try to avoid the generic “like4like” tags as they can get you shadow banned (basically no one will see your post within the searched hashtags who doesn’t follow you!)

Try not to stick to the same hashtags either as this can cause shadow banning too. What I do is add hostages between my usual pasted tags.

How do you edit your Instagram photos?

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  • Reply Jess March 29, 2016 at 12:00 pm

    Fab tips! I like my Instagram so much more since I’ve started using the same filter consistently 🙂

    Jess xo

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