How Charming

How Charming

I bet you didn’t know that one of my favourite animals is the elephant? Well, now you do! They are lovely creatures. Huge, magnificent mammals with great strength and wisdom. With that in mind, you now will know why I adore this sweet rose gold charm bracelet from ChloBo so much. Of course, rose gold is also a current favourite.

All of the characteristics of an elephant have been shrunken down into a charm and hangs amongst small rose gold plated balls. The bracelet itself is elasticated and has no latch. Despite its delegate appearance, it remains strong.



Jewellery has, throughout the history of time, been a form a symbolism and belief. This charm is not only dainty and cute in appearance but in China it symbolises peace and good luck (something I think we all could use).

But if you’re not an elephant kind of girl like me, ChloBo also has other symbolic charms such as a dragonfly which represents courage, strength and happiness and also The Hamsa Hand which is a protective sign, bringing happiness, luck, health and good fortune. I actually think all three would make a lovely set! What do you think?



The charm bracelet is a sweet addition to any jewellery collection. It is one of those pieces which will have people wanting to look at it, simply because of how simple the design is (and you know how much I love things to be simple!) You can be sure once they discover it’s an elephant they will acknowledge how sweet it is.

Which one is your favourite out of the elephant, dragonfly or Hamsa Hand? Pop a comment below!


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