House Essentials You Need

The House Essentials You’re Missing Out On

There is little chance that I am living in a fully-kitted-out house. We tried our best when we moved in to ensure we had everything we needed just to make life easier. But it’s just not possible to have all of the house essentials. There are always gadgets, contraptions and other items that are enhanced versions of what we’re used to, or have been made to make life just that little bit easier.


While many people buy into products which just aren’t that great – more for show than anything else – there are other things which have really proven their worth over time. The things which make a house a home.


This is something that is becoming more common, especially in new-build homes, but if you don’t have one … seriously consider investing in one.  It’s one of my favourite things about my bathroom oddly enough. 

You can get a towel radiator to hang on the wall or have standing upright in the room. To say it’s a game-changer is absolutely an understatement. Not only do they help to dry your towels more quickly than hanging them out, but you get to step out of the bath or shower and wrap yourself in something warm. What’s not to love about that?


Your knives probably aren’t as sharp as you’d like to think that they are. I know mine certainly aren’t. No, really – it’s true. Even with a sharpening tool, the majority of us are operating with blunt instruments. It’s not good.

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and consider yourself a budding chef, this is something that you definitely need to put your money aside for! Not only can a good cut save you time, but it helps with your presentation skills and can actually save you from accidents in the kitchen as you’re not putting so much pressure on to the food that you’re cutting. Health and safety all the way guys!


Don’t worry, you won’t have to go and start gathering up your duvet into a rounded shape to start sleeping in (although it’s totally up to you if you want to).

Nest is a type of thermostat which fits into your home. It’s a learning thermostat, which means that it’ll start to recognise when you like the temperature to go up or down, can be controlled via your phone to kick your heating on during colder days before you get home, and generally helps you to save energy/money on your bills. It’s the gift to give yourself that will just keep on giving.

We actually use Nest Protect for our smoke detectors, again, Health and Safety!


There are just some things you never think of (and what I am still in need of getting)… A key hook! This is something that is so simple, so easy to install, yet we would rather fling our keys on a side table or on the counters, ready to be found in a scramble the next day when we’re already five minutes late for wherever we need to be. 

Hooks can be quite an integral part of the design of your house, and there is an amazing selection online to choose from to be able to hang your keys in style. I’ll be investing in some key hooks so I will no longer need to look for them and I will know exactly where they are. 

There are just some things you need in your house to make live easier and much more cost-effective. Do you have anything you think are essential to the house?


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