Make Your Home a Hotel Experience

Give Your Guests a Hotel Experience in Your Home

Having guests come to stay is like Marmite. You either love it, or you hate it.

Some people think it’s a chore because it just means that all of the jobs you usually do around the house, you now have to do for other people. You always want to impress and it can be exhausting to do so. But not everybody is that grumpy. Since having my own home it’s been an absolute pleasure having people come and stay.

Some of us thrive when we are hosting, and take pride in making our guests feel welcome in our home. If you are like me, then you’ll want to do everything you can to make their stay perfect in every single way. You might think that you’ve mastered the art of hosting, but there are always ways that you can improve. Here are a few tips on giving your guests the hotel experience when they stay with you.


Depending on who your guests are, you’re going to want to plan everybody’s meals accordingly. You might decide that you want to eat out on some of the evenings or order a takeaway. In which case, you’ll need to pick a cuisine that you know everybody will love. Ask them ahead of time what kind of places they would like to eat and then find something that suits everybody’s tastes.

On the evenings that you are going to cook for people, you’ve really got a chance to wow themLook over your recipe book and find something unusual that people might not have had before, but make sure that it’s a dish that you’re good at cooking. There’s nothing worse for a guest than having to smile politely while they force down meal that they hate. If your guests are going to be going out on their own, make sure you give them some great recommendations for places to eat in the local area, complete with directions on how to get there. Spending hours lost in an unfamiliar city can really put a downer on their trip.

It’s important for Paul and me, and perhaps for you too, to ensure the snack cupboard is crammed with your guest’s favourites. We mix things up between sweet and savoury and ensure we have plenty of bottled water stocked up too.


If you really want to compete with the hotels that your guest could have stayed in instead, you need to offer everything that they do. Make sure that the bathroom is fully stocked with fresh towels, and use the nice cotton ones. If you don’t have any then get some in specially for them, they will be grateful. Turn the bathroom radiator up and make those towels warm and cosy! No one wants to be freezing when they get out of the shower.

In our guest bathroom,  we try and keep spares topped up such as toothpaste, bubble bath, shampoo etc. This way our guests don’t need to bring their own.


I actually think our guest bed is more comfortable than our own! We always ensure that their duvets and sheets are clean (usually washed the day before so they smell super nice !)

Provide them with enough plug sockets to charge phones and any other devices that they might have. Putting a little chocolate on the pillow is also a nice touch. That really can give your home that hotel feel but usually, our guests are too full to nibble on anything else before bed.

Also, have the wifi password on hand. Guests are definitely going to ask you for it and they won’t be too overjoyed if they have to crawl behind the TV to read it off the back of the box.

If you follow these simple steps you can guarantee that your guests will never bother with a hotel again.


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