Horrifically Good Times

With Halloween around the corner, here are a few tips to having a great time and an amazing costume. For my Halloween costume, I am going as Ashley from the PS4 game Until Dawn. I did this for several reasons: I can re-wear the clothes; I like the character and it’s easy!

Although she is alive in these photos I decided to kill her off. Nice eh?



Picking a costume is hard work for most of us. We all like positive attention for the efforts we put into it, and no one likes not being recognised. This is why many people choose generic costumes, or pay hundreds of pounds for a completely accurate one.

My advice to you is to pick a something you like and feel comfortable in. After all, you will be wearing this all night and you don’t want your experience of such a fun holiday to be ruined by paranoia or insecurities. For example, I am comfortable in skirts, not shorts. So I’ll wear a denim skirt instead of Ashley’s tight and very short shorts. It isn’t a big difference but it makes me feel better and maybe even makes the outfit look better for my body shape.


A large multi-coloured eyeshadow palette is fine for most costumes, but face paint, blood scab, latex and a contour kit can help immeasurably. The blood and latex can be easily found in a local costume shop, or online. Youtube can be your best friend as it offers all types of tutorials. I did my scar and learned how to contour my face to look like Ashley’s using ‘Glam&Gore’ and ‘ellimacs sfx makeup’ tutorials.

Experimenting with the makeup can be more fun than the night out itself!


Whatever costume you wear, make sure that you are safe with it. For example, always test you skin for sensitivity against your makeup. Doing this a day or two before will allow you time to replace something if it doesn’t suit your skin types.

Things such as corsets and contacts are high risk if you are not used to them and intend to have a few drinks. Be sure to always read instructions that come with them and make sure they are undamaged. A broken corset can hurt your insides and old contacts can seriously damage your eyes. NEVER wear either to bed no matter how much alcohol you’ve drunk. And if you are going to be drinking and wearing contacts, be careful.


If hosting a party, decorations go a long way. You definitely need a pumpkin or two with those funky faces and some MJ’s Thriller on your playlist. Everything else is up to you and the type of friends you have. If you’re a horror fan (and your friends are okay with it) be as creepy as you like. Have a horror house with fake mannequins and clowns! But if you’re of a more charitable disposition, host a cute Halloween everyone loves with fake cobwebs and a Frankenstein’s Monster on the dance floor.

You can even host a murder mystery party! Just make sure everyone knows it is one, in case someone calls the police for real…

You can go to any supermarket for yummy Halloween themed treats, but if you’re feeling creative feel free to make your own jelly with Haribo bugs and Bloody Mary punch.


Hey, there’s nothing wrong with staying in, either. Trust me, I prefer sitting with my horror Let’s Plays than going out to party (especially now I don’t drink). So I can see the appeal in sitting in with friends –or alone in a haunted ex-hotel and watching horror films or shows. Nowadays, you can even play a horror game. You can still have the cool sweets. Get some cans of Monster and green popcorn and have a great time jumping in terror!

What advice can you give to people planning on celebrating Halloween in style? What do you plan on spending the night doing?

Passionate about all forms of art be that computer games, makeup or literature… The list really does go on!


  • Reply Ali November 1, 2015 at 10:09 am

    Happy Halloween! My favourite holiday in my favourite time of year comes and goes far too quickly. Hope you had a great night!

    • Reply Amy November 1, 2015 at 1:47 pm

      Happy Halloween, from us here at LFTN!

      I had a fabulous time with lots of sweets and alcohol-free eyeball punch. Laura enjoyed American Psycho and pumpkin carving. We both hope you had as much fun as we did. =] xx

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