Home Office Essentials

Home Office Essentials

My home office is my favourite part of the house. It is totally and utterly personal to me.

Screw the Pinterest home offices. There I said it. Yeah, they are beautiful but they don’t have any personality. Offices need to inspire you to work. So, today I am going to show you my home office essentials!

There I said it…

Yeah, they are beautiful but they don’t have any personality. Offices need to inspire you to work. So, today I am going to show you my home office essentials!


I used to work primarily from my laptop, and now I have an iMac I find it hard to spend hours working on such a small screen! Not the cheapest of options, I know but my iMac is an essential part of my work and blogging life. A big screen allows me to keep lots of windows open which is easy for me to look at everything in detail without straining my already crappy eyesight.

You don’t need an iMac. But the quality is superb and I would recommend one. Or at least a large monitor. (If you have the tech know-how, even television screens are a good option.)


I have a rather large collection of notebooks. And I feel that they are all needed. Even the ones that aren’t used. I have a yearly diary to keep track of appointments, outings and blog posts as well as a notebook for blog post ideas and a to-do list book. There are about fifteen other notebooks in my desk… But they will all be used.

When I see a beautiful notebook, I can’t help myself.


I don’t collect particular items per se but I do have a mixture of items of anything and everything I genuinely love or have an interest in. I have my Walking Dead action figures, Funko Pops, items from my travels and just bits and bobs that show my personality all displayed on my shelves. Oh, and a bookshelf crammed with books (mainly biographies and photo books). I just love to be surrounded by my interests and passions.


Having my massive pink pop art Marilyn Monroe canvas on my wall completely brings my office to life. I also have a small canvas from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland (a favourite of mine) and my noticeboard with quote cards etc.

I like walls to be full so a room doesn’t feel empty and that goes for my home office too. Empty walls may make a room feel more spacious but I get the impression it is missing something when I have a blank space.


Although I use my diary for tracking my day to day activities, I do like a calendar on my wall so I can take a quick look at dates. As mentioned earlier, I use my diary to note down any meetings and events as well as birthdays. It keeps me organised (something I desperately need)!


Under my desk, I have storage boxes that are crammed (but nicely organised) with photo props, stationery, paper, letterheads etc. I also have folders, binders, cameras, batteries and other useful items. I try and keep my office as tidy as possible so everything has its place. Oh, a bin is also essential for keeping my office clean.

 What are your home office essentials?

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