Home Interior Inspiration with LionsHome

Home Interior Inspiration with LionsHome

I know I keep harping on about my move but it’s something I’m so excited about that I can’t help but talk about it. Since finding a house (which we are just waiting the current occupants to move out of) I have been constantly thinking of furniture styles, layouts and accessories. It’s like real life Sims!


I’ve been looking at minimal designs with a retro feel. Nothing too garish or fancy but stylish and classy. And although the items on my, what I guess you can call, wishlist are quite pricey, I definitely feel that having one place to compare costs on your home and lifestyle items is definitely the way to go.

I love simple designs but good quality also. The John Lewis sofa below for example, may seem pricey to some for a grey couch but you can customise the fabric and legs to your own tastes. I’ve also had a sit on this one a few times whilst in the store and it’s definitely worth its price. Comfortable and cosy, just what you want in your living room.

As for colour schemes, I’m looking at light walls (probably white!) with teal accessories. I’m thinking the feature wall should also be teal to complement them.

I also want a bit of personality in my new home, so perhaps some movie artwork around the living room would be nice. That and a nice pot plant would make the room a simple but stylish masterpiece (well to me!). What do you think?


When LionsHome got in touch to tell me about their website I was able to find a whole catalogue of brands, designs and items. Everything I could need. And I mean everything. Products range from sofas to wall paint, home accessories to wall art. Super handy eh?

The great thing I found about LionsHome is that I am able to refine what I am looking for (eg. sofa type and budget) whilst comparing prices. Their website has definitely inspired me with the wide range of designs that are available. LionsHome is a great way of comparing different brands and styles to find what’s right for you.

Do you like this mini piece of interiors inspo I’ve collaged together from my ideas? These are some items I found on the site whilst browsing which takes you directly to the supplier for purchase.

Home Inspiration
I’m hoping that I will soon be able to turn these ideas into reality and show you what I have come up with!
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