Home Before and After – Upstairs

I know it’s taken me absolutely forever but I have finally got the time to sit and write about my home transformation. This time I am talking about upstairs! You may have seen the downstairs segment a few months ago, which you can check out here. Shall we get started on the second portion of this post? 🙂


Don’t get me wrong, I love pink but there does come a point when there is a little too much of it. Which is why we freshened the upstairs with an “off white.” As with the entire downstairs of the house, the walls had to be replastered with new coving,  new doors, skirting boards etc. We have carpet upstairs as this is a no dog zone. We also have white bedroom furniture. Sadly it is not longer in production but we got them from Bensons For Beds.

Above our bed, we have some framed movie posters from Vintage Magazines in Brighton. They consist of a Niagara, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and an Italian Bye Bye Birdie poster 🙂 And I can’t complain about the view from my bedroom either…

Oooo pink and green this time! Well, the tiles were a nightmare to get off… But thank god we did it. For our en-suite, we decided to have a walk-in shower which I love. So much space! And the tiles make the walls so much easier to clean!


This is the bigger of the spare rooms. The other one is my office (which I will be doing a separate post about at some point when I give my office tour) and a room which consists of junk and a clothes horse.

This room consists of a spare wardrobe, chest of drawers (which I keep seasonal clothes in), a TV and DVD player. It’s here where our guests sleep 🙂 Plenty of room for them! There’s also a walk-in cupboard which I use to store work bits and bobs!

Our “family” bathroom has a lovely deep bath which doubles up as a shower. We have the design the same as the other bathrooms to keep it matching (unlike the previous designs).

Obviously, there are a couple more rooms, but I can’t say that anything that exciting has happened to them!

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    It looks great! Love the old classic movie posters you have hanging!

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