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I know we have a little shop where we share our wish list items. But I haven’t done a wishlist post in a while and I felt it was time. So today I thought I would share some home accessories I am lusting over.

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When it comes to home accessories, I have fallen in love with neutral and light tones. For example, I am loving pastel pink chairs with geometric cushions to match. Like the one above with the maze patterned design. That combined with white, cream and reflective accessories can make the home feel brighter and fresher, especially in the warmer months!

Other home accessories that I have been keeping my eyes open for are vases. Currently, I am bored with the standard designs. I want my flowers to be accompanied by a vase that stands out. For example, the Alfredo Vase by Georg Jenson has such a unique design, how could anyone not love it? This decorative vase would look good naked (aka with no flowers!) but would certainly make flower arrangements stand out even further.

Another design by Georg Jenson that I adore is the Cobra Candle Holder. The simple yet effective snake-like design is sleek and beautiful with its reflective surface and wavy curves.

As well as chalky pink and white cushions, I have also started falling for quote cushions too. They give a bit of personality to a room and I am all for coffee-related merchandise. That in my office accompanied by a Boss Lady mug and a Jo Malone candle and I am a happy bunny!

What home accessories are you craving? 

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  • Reply Ann April 14, 2017 at 8:14 am

    I like those cushions and plant holders 🙂 I plan to buy wool white rug for months now. It would make my room more cozy. But it’s really hard to find here, where I live. I have to order it somewhere in the internet, I guess.

    Ann // http://thehomeexpert.uk/

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