Things to Do on Halloween

Halloween At Home: Surviving the Night


Last year you had a party. Last year you got drunk with friends. But this year?

This year you decided to lock your doors and keep them trick or treaters from coming for you. You’re surrounded by a protection of some classic horror movies and games but wondering how to get the most out of them.

Well, the first key factor to surviving a horror movie is: DON’T SPLIT UP. Just don’t. Okay?


You’re gonna be there a whole night and you should have checked and double checked them again. But just to be sure your pal Shane didn’t steal anything while your back was turned, check again.

You should have:


For most people trying to survive out there, tinned food keeps the longest. But because our mini-apocalypse is only for a night, there’s no point starving ourselves. Bake up some sausage rolls and other party food if you have guests. If it’s just one or two of you, a takeaway can be just as good (but far less healthy).


In lockdowns, water is often hard to come by. Lucky for us, the water’s still running and we can use the taps to get it. So any other drink is optional. This can be soft drinks for the non-drinkers or alcohol. Some people even like to snuggle up with tea while watching horror. It takes all kinds. Monster or blood red wine both seem the most fitting for this night of terror.


If your dinner isn’t already packed with snacks or too unhealthy, a little treat good snack can always tide you over while you wait for rescue from the trick or treaters. Some people like apples. But it’s Halloween! Why not a nice and unhealthy toffee-apple? Or a bag of Monster Munch?


No no no, we’re not playing with occultist rituals. Candles just look so darn awesome.


These are optional. After all, decorations lure little monsters to your door begging for sweets and treats. That, and going to the bathroom in the dark can get pretty damn terrifying after a horror. You don’t want that fake skeleton or pig mask to do you a frighten.

Blankets, cushions or beanbags:

I don’t know about anyone else, but I love sitting on a pile of cushions draped in a blanket. Especially when watching a terrifying scene.


  1. Cook up any snacks you need to. Put crisps in a bowl or simply get the takeaway number ready. Put the food and drinks near where you’re going to sit. You want to have all food at arms reach. At least then eating can distract you.
  2. Draw the curtains and light up the candles. You don’t want any little monsters to know you’re home. It’s also great for the spooky ambiance.
  3. Build your fortifications. Pile up those cushions and blankets for optimum safety from the outside threats.
  4. If you have guests, let them in. Check they’re not bitten and then set up your movies or consoles.
  5. Have fun!


Whether you’re playing a computer game or watching a movie, you can always bet on a good time if you play this game. It’s usually played with shots of strong alcohol or swigs of beer, but some of us don’t drink. Why not take something you’re not keen on like hot sauce (make sure it’s safe), something sour or even anchovies! Anything is game as long as it’s safe.

Then pick out why you’d be drinking your shots or punishing yourself.

For films:

  • If the film is famous for repeating a word, for example – The name of the monster; the name of the film; a name of a character, drink.
  • For every time someone goes against the ‘wise’ character’s advice, drink.
  • Every damn time a character wanders off from the group because ‘reasons’, drink.
  • For zombie movies – a shot every time someone refers to zombies without calling them it!
  • The more hardcore horror buffs might like – every time the film uses an age-old horror trope, drink.

For games:

  • Each time you’re jump scared, drink.
  • For every time you die, drink and hand the controller over to your right.
  • Each time you or a friend swears because the pressure is beginning to crush them, drink.
  • For games, you can pretty much use all of the aforementioned ones in the film section.

So there’s your Halloween of horror and games! We’d love to know how you’re planning on spending your spooky evening of horror.

Are there any tips for ‘drinking’ game rules you’d like to see on here? Or are there any other games you can play while watching your horror movies?

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