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I’m not going to lie, as soon as the warmer days began to fade I got more and more laid back with my wardrobe. Good-bye summer dresses and denim shorts, hello comfy pants and cosy jumpers. And we can all agree which one is preferable, right? And celebs know it too. Women like Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian are repping gym clothes as comfy wear and are looking pretty hot.


via Vogue

I love this sweatshirt! Gym or no gym this paired with leggings screams relaxed but Gigi gives this look a trendy twist with a bright pair of sunnies, leather handbag and high ponytail. Sporty yet well put-together!



Everything looks good on Cara Delevingne. I’m not sure a pair of grey tracksuit bottoms with a leather jacket would look as good on me but it certainly goes well together. For some reason sunglasses immediately makes gym wear look a lot more classy.


Miley Cyrus hit a private gym in Hollywood with a fresh tan and wearing an Iron Maiden tee shirt! May 17, 2010 EXCLUSIVE

This photo is from a few years ago now but I love love love the band vest with the tracksuit bottoms. Effortless but looks awesome. Of course, a vest on its own is no good this time of year, so take a note out of Cara’s book and have a fitted jacket or a hoodie to layer up! A personal fave combo is this vest with a cosy zip up hoody with a pair of plain black leggings and some high tops.


Okay, so this isn’t my favourite look… But I think it could work with a few minor changes depending on how daring you are!


Kim decided to wear a pair of 90’s popper Adidas tracksuit bottoms with a lace bustier. Now, I don’t think this would look so bad if it wasn’t for the fishnets. The fishnets kinda kill it. Whereas Rihanna nails it.


Rihanna wears her popper tracksuit with heels that match in colour and a cropped sweater. Certainly not what you’d wear to the gym (well, not the shoes anyway!)

Again this isn’t particularly suitable for winter but a sweater such as this Hype crewneck with a pair of black popper tracksuit bottoms, black heels and some accessories (sunglasses, handbag and jewellery) would be the definition of gym chic.

So, don’t feel bad for wearing your gym clothes as your everyday attire! Just use this post as a mini-guide on transforming it from gym wear to “lounge wear” instead.

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