A Guide to Compact Gardening PLUS Infographic

A Guide to Compact Gardening (PLUS Infographic)

I’m getting a garden! That’s right, I’m going to have my own back garden because I’ve finally got a moving date. However, I’ve never had my own garden space before. Now that I have two doggies, I know that I can’t go OTT on the plants and flowers (they’d just dig them up or eat them!). So, I want to give them as much space as possible but still have a small area for my plants. But how do you make the most of a small piece of outdoor space? Well, I was sent this handy little infographic to help me with compact gardening. I accepted sharing this post with you because I know that having a small garden puts people off growing and using their garden. Below is a bit of info I was sent on gardening.


According to a new infographic produced by Compost Direct, gardening is very good for you! Older gardeners have a 36-47% lower risk of dementia than non-gardeners. However, with urban spaces on the rise there’s less room for people who’d like to get into the garden.

Thankfully, there are many ways to grow crops in small spaces – from potted plants indoors to veg patches and grow bags (super handy). Did you know that you can grow potatoes in compost bags and bin liners? Following a simple growing process, you can enjoy some pristine spuds without needing a full-sized garden.

How about growing crops in specialist grow bags? With just a small amount of space, you can grow fruit and veg to feed your whole household – from tomatoes and carrots to herbs and courgettes.

Below is the infographic which shows you (and me) how to grow potatoes, tomatoes, veg patches and more. You can also find out how to maximise your growing area by building window boxes and vertical gardens, meaning that no matter what kind of outdoor space you have – there is no excuse not to garden!


Thanks to Compost Direct for the infographic and info!


I really want to grow things like vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Admittedly, I’ve never tended one before but I want to receive all the benefits that the infographic above shows.

My plan is to have a little shut-off area that the dogs won’t get to. I will start small and then work my way up to more exciting veggies! This will allow me to grow veggies without them eating them! A greenhouse would be nice too. Sadly, the weather in this country doesn’t always allow for correct temperatures for certain things to grow outdoors.

The idea of grow bags and window boxes is super handy as it means I won’t have to take up as much room. I mean, the dogs need the garden more than I do! In addition, the measurements to help know the distances between vegetables is something I will definitely need if I’m left with a corner of the garden!

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