Growing Your Confidence

I get the feeling that one of the biggest things that stop people from fulfilling their dreams or experiencing what they want is confidence. But how can you become more confident? Confidence comes in all shapes and forms. You can be amazing at meeting people but have no confidence in taking selfies for example. Here are ways to overcome that nervousness.

KNOW YOUR FEARS – Be aware of what makes you feel less confident in yourself. Once you know what you need to improve in then the more likely you are to overcome them.

REPETITION IS KEY – Don’t think you look good in photos? Keep taking selfies. You will find that there are photos of you where you will go, “wow, is that me?”. That good feeling will make you happy.

Not confident going out in public? Take the plunge. Just keep doing it. Remove yourself from your comfort zone.

REMEMBER IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD –  There is NOTHING stopping you from doing what you want. But you’re your own worst enemy. I know you are thinking “I can’t”. I’ve been there. But it’s easier than you think. If you ignore everything you are thinking and worrying about, you can do it.  And once you’ve done it, you know you can do it again.

BE YOURSELF & BE HONEST – As soon as you stop trying to impress people or worrying about what people think you will learn to love yourself. Those who compliment you on your true style or those who laugh at your sense of humour are those who matter. When you realise that people like you for who you are there will no longer be a feeling of insecurity. Be yourself and do it with no apologies.

PRETEND – Act like you are confident and it will shine through. Give off positive body language and you will begin to naturally feel it 🙂

Remember, anything is possible. Tell yourself you are confident. You are beautiful, you are smart and you are amazing at what you do. Always remember that. 

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