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Do you ever get that feeling that you know what you want for your design project but you just can’t quite get it? Sometimes you need a little help with putting your ideas into reality. This is where Get Decorated comes in! They’ve created a simple, exciting concept to turn your indoor space into something entirely personal to you. And they do all of this this through their online interior design service. Because I just love the concept I am promoting it today.



After playing The Sims, we all have probably had the thought that we could be interior designers. However, the reality is that we can’t. We don’t all have the same vision as professionals. Not all of us are good with choosing colour schemes, where to put mirrors and what colour rug we need to match the sofa. And of these are things that will matter to us.

Because the design combinations are always so endless, I have probably changed my living room’s layout about a hundred times. Because when I changed one piece of furniture it affected the whole design. And it gets frustrating, expensive and time-consuming.


Just like a personal shopping experience, you give Get Decorated an idea of what you like, some inspiration you’ve fallen in love with and answer a few questions. Then you provide them with images of what your property currently looks like and they take it from this:


Then into this:


This interior design heaven is personal to you and based on the information you provide the designers. This is key. We don’t want our home to just be what everyone else has. It is why – when you put in the time to complete the forms and send off inspiration – you will get exactly what you want. And that is time well spent.



So even I have sat and made mood boards! I’ve cropped and placed images in Photoshop for hours on end. And it’s not quite what I needed. There was no real visual satisfaction. But I will be honest when I say that it doesn’t give off the same impression as the above before and after images do.

Get Decorated’s e-design system will utilise and maximise your home and help you to choose the colour schemes and furniture positions you want. They’ll even supply you with floor plans, presentations and shopping links to make it easy for you!

Even if you’re just looking for a make-over as opposed to starting from scratch, there is the opportunity to take what you already have and freshen it up!


You’re almost sold, right? Well, if you’re still stuck on how to decorate and furnish your home this is the way forward.

  • You don’t have to hire an interior designer or break the bank.

  • You can even shop for all of the recommended items online.

  • You won’t even get the, “I’ve just started but now I regret this design,” feelings.

  • Not to mention that you are able to work to your own timeline and your own schedule with no pressure!

Are you decorating at the moment? Have you ever considered an interior designer to assist you in making your house a home?


Featured image via: Danielle-Moss, other images via Pinterest. Click on image to be taken to page.

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