What I've Learnt Since Owning German Shepherd Puppies

What I’ve Learnt Since Owning German Shepherd Puppies

You may have seen on social media that Paul did his usual spontaneous binge and bought two German Shepherd puppies in July 2016, which he then fell in love with. Although myself and his parents were very surprised and worried, things became a lot more settled once I arrived home (I was in Wales when they came home).

Luckily, Paul and I are both animal lovers and I had spent the first part of my childhood with a German Shepherd. She was a beautiful, obedient and well-behaved dog belonging to my grandparents. I adored her and they have been my favourite breed of dog ever since she passed away all that time ago.

But with cuteness, comes great responsibility. With barely any preparation, we fell into the lives of dog these little doggies and I have learnt quite a few things since Pharaoh and Chapin arrived home. It hasn’t been long but I’ve learnt a lot since having these gorgeous pups came into my life.

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  • Puppies sleep, a lot.
  • They love attention and will do a lot of naughty things to get it. But you can’t give in as it will become a terrible habit when they are older.
  • New food will digest differently making their number twos… Not very solid…
  • They pee anywhere and everywhere. We’ve been training them to go on newspaper, which they sometimes visit but a lot of the time don’t. Rewarding them with praise is a good way to encourage going on the paper.
  • They are quite clumsy and haven’t found their feet just yet.
  • They like biting hair! I’ve had to tie my hair up every day.
  • They get pee all over themselves. They haven’t learnt to do the leg lift yet so they just stand there and it gets over them. But a damp cloth with some puppy shampoo or puppy wipes helps.
  • Puppies like to play fight a lot but we don’t get involved. If things get a little rough we distract them by whistling or giving them a toy to chew on instead.
  • Whining at the door is a cry for attention but after playtime is over, we leave them to it. They sleep after a while and they need space as well as lots of love.
  • Our boys like to eat their crap, which is gross. However, they are copying their doggy mum as she would’ve done so to keep the area clean. We try and clean it up ASAP.
  • There’s a lot of waiting before you can give them certain treats, take them for walks or have them trained properly. They need to be vaccinated twice, microchipped and checked over by a vet before any real fun stuff can take place. We open up the patios doors and let them out on the decking so they don’t get too hot and have some fresh air. It also lets the room clear out the dog smell!
  • Your house needs to be doggy suitable. Before, we were planning on carpets and a fabric couch. Now we’re planning on faux leather and wooden flooring to ensure doggy smell is absorbed as little as possible and the mess is easy to clean up.
  • Newspaper, black sacks and a floor steamer are very useful…
  • You’ll cry when you have to take them to the vets.
  • The jabs are scary. They don’t like them.
  • Research and preparation are required. Although I love Paul for bringing my two babies home, he really should’ve waited and researched more. Rushing into things made it harder for the puppies (and us) to settle down but we were able to get things sorted pretty quickly and learn lessons on the way.


I can be honest when I say, I never expected to return home to two German Shepherd puppies. Two dogs which will grow to be large, intelligent animals. Loyal, friendly (when trained properly) and family orientated. We have been reading up lots of information and keeping a routine for the pups which we know will help them when they are fully grown. I’ve always been a cat person but having two dogs has made me feel as if I’m a mumma. Sounds silly but it feels so rewarding to have them get all excited when they see me. I love them and I have no regrets.

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  • Reply Jess July 27, 2016 at 9:52 am

    They’re beautiful! It sounds like it’s been a pretty steep learning curve but you seem to be managing really well 🙂 It’s been years since we’ve had puppies, our last few dogs have been rescue dogs so a bit older. I miss the tiny, sleepy stage! <3

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