The Perfect Foundation for Oily Skin

The Perfect Foundation for Oily Skin

Sadly for me, I have oily skin. It’s the card I’ve been dealt so I must suffer with a shiny forehead. You are reading this post so you must know what I am talking about. It has made finding a foundation rather tricky. Powders, mousses, creams… All of them make my skin look cakey and slimy. Gross. So I have tried several different types and found that some are great until about three hours after application and it begins to slide off. Until a few weeks ago.


I know that there are so many beauty bloggers who cringe at the idea of mousse foundations. For many makeup lovers, if it’s not in Sephora, don’t buy it. But I have found that the Stay Matte Rimmel London mousse foundation is the perfect one for me.

At only £5.99 this 30ml tube is the ideal foundation for those who don’t have the cash to splash on specialist makeup.

Easy to apply with a beauty blender (I use Real Techniques), you only require small blobs to get an even coverage. And being pale, foundation can stick out like a sore thumb on my skin (oh hey, Oompa Loompa). I chose the True Ivory Shade which matches my skin tone perfectly.

The foundation itself is light, controls any shine and leaves my skin super soft (bonus points). I hardly remember it’s there!


Here’s how my skin looks before application, after application and three hours later. My skin appears smooth, evenly toned and feels/looks less shiny!


After cleansing and moisturising, I apply a thin layer of Soap & Glory Hocus Focus Illuminator.

I cover my dark circles (as best I can!) with the Revlon Eye Brightener. Then using my foundation applicator that I mentioned earlier, I dab the foundation (pea sized) over my face. If I feel I need more I add a small amount to the sponge and repeat.

If my skin is particularly oily that day I will brush on Peach Glow Stay Matte pressed powder also by Rimmel. Then I add some Nars Reckless to my cheeks for a bit of glimmer and glow!


  • Even if you have oily skin, you should moisturise. Sometimes it can be brought on by your skin drying out so natural oils appear.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid using my hands for application of makeup.
  • Oils can transfer from hands to your face, so I avoid touching my face too much unless my hands are clean.
  • Use clean brushes and sponges as the bacteria can build which is just gross.

Do you have a foundation you recommend for shiny/oily skin?

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