The Only Floral Shirt I Need

The Only Floral Shirt I Need Right Now

You may have noticed that I have fallen in love with floral embroidery as of late. A design that I never really imagined myself wearing. But once I got my first item (this jacket), I couldn’t stop there. Which is why I HAD to have this shirt.  ChiChi London stole my heart last year with their gorgeous formal floral dresses. And when they were so kind to collaborate with me again, I thought it was time to show off something other than their stunning dresses.


I often find that shirts can look a little too “school uniform.” And without the gorgeous floral design embroidered onto this blue and white striped shirt, it would’ve done. But add a beautiful floral embroidery and you have a shirt for spring and summer that you won’t want to take off.

What makes me love ChiChi London is that their styles are classically feminine. Frills, lace, florals and stunning design. But wanting to be feminine doesn’t mean you need to wear a dress all the time. You can wear a shirt like this with jeans, shorts or a pencil skirt. And the stitchwork does all of the work for you. It’s the smaller detailing that makes an outfit stand out!

This shirt is suitable for work, daily wear and even on holiday. The material is breathable and doesn’t cling (pet peeve in the warmer months) so is a wardrobe must have.

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