How to Find the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

With my three-year wedding anniversary coming up I’ve been reflecting on a few things I wish I had done a bit differently (there’s a post about my wedding coming up soon!). And one of the only “disasters” I had been my bridesmaid dresses. One arrived with large, black marks all over it meaning there was a big rush towards the end to get a new one made that would fit my pregnant bridesmaid. I also wish I had looked at more options. However, money and time were against me. But when I finally got them, I was very happy and I think my bridesmaids looked lovely! Today I thought I’d share with you some tips on how to find the perfect bridesmaid dress without making the mistakes I did!



Is there a colour theme to your wedding? Most weddings tend to, so be sure your dress matches the theme. If you’re thinking of a particular colour, be aware that the groom may not want them for his tie or buttonhole flower. Make sure you both agree on a colour scheme before choosing dresses and suits. That includes the flowers and decorations.


Your bridesmaids are probably all different heights and shapes so be sure that you try a selection of different styles to be sure they are comfortable and look great. But remember, they don’t always have to match! Websites like Coast have dresses in the same colour, different lengths, different cut – perfect if you have fussy bridesmaids!


If you’re buying the whole shebang for your bridesmaids including shoes and jewellery remember how much it is going to cost all in all. Also, one dress may cost £100 but if you have six bridesmaids that’s £600 on dresses alone. Calculate a budget for the dresses before you get browsing as you don’t want anyone to fall in love with a design before realising the cost!


Buying completely online and lead to complications. When they arrive they may be completely different to when you looked online. Coast allow you to check in store, meaning you’ll be able to see what the dresses look like on before purchasing them. Trying it on will give your bridesmaids an idea on how comfortable the dress is and, if any of them are pregnant, will allow them to consider the amount of room the baby bump will have when the wedding day arrives.


It’s fine getting your bridesmaids to try on their dress but it’s also a good idea to have them try on multiple… Just in case. You may find a style you prefer!


Don’t leave it to the last-minute. Give yourself plenty of time to show your bridesmaids their dresses, get them to try it on and send it back if necessary. This will also give you the opportunity to find something else if the original wasn’t what you had hoped.


If the dress is not going to be covered in gems and sparkles think about adding some delicate accessories. Alternatively, if the dress is glitzy consider toning down the accessories. You don’t want your bridesmaids looking like glitter balls. And don’t forget the shoes. The shoes can be a part of the dress too. A simple dress, shorter dress with some sparkly shoes are the perfect combination.

What do you think makes the perfect bridesmaid dress? Long or short? Glitzy or a simple or plain design? 

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