Fictional Bucket List Destinations

Five Fictional Bucket List Destinations

Adventures are best! At least, that’s what I’ve learned from my childhood. It is very probably why I am so keen on the fictional worlds of books, TV and gaming. When you’re unable to travel the world, either because of physical or monetary limitations, a £60 open-world game can take you on a journey you could never afford in reality.

So here are my five favourite fictional places I’d love to visit (and one reason why I’d hate to).

1. The Citadel, Mass Effect

Imagine yourself in a big space-city, filled with all sorts of great and colourful people. The hub of intergalactic society, it has one of the biggest and most varied populations in the universe. Not to mention the streets are always clean thanks to the ever-busy Keepers who keep the Citadel running!

Home of the Council, the Citadel is the most developed place in the universe. It has some of the best hospitals, best markets and even the best nightlife. It would be a great holiday destination for anyone who wanted to enjoy the sightseeing of the Presidium or the shopping sprees of the Wards.

Sadly, it’s like any other capital city in this world or the world of fiction. It’s full of both the highs and lows of societal progress. While some people live in the lap of luxury (as seen in Captain Anderson’s apartment), others live in slums. And there’s even corruption in the ‘police’ force. Humans are seen as second-class citizens by some, and mocked for being ‘teacher’s pets’ by others.

2. Hogwarts, Harry Potter

Ancient, beautiful and a hub of learning, Hogwarts is the symbol of Harry’s newfound freedom. It’s his home. A safe haven from the abuse of his childhood. Its grounds are vast with a lake and even a bordering forest. There’s always a place to find some peace of mind. Not to mention that the castle itself holds a huge library, an enchanted feasting hall and four cosy dormitories.

But there are some things that make this perfect school not so perfect. Practically every corridor is a deathtrap; there are trolls in the dungeons (where the Slytherin dormitory is kept) and there is a violent tree on the grounds! Not to mention that the Forbidden Forest is… forbidden for a reason. I’d need life insurance just to attend my first P.E lesson!

3. The Inquisition’s Keep, Dragon Age: Inquisition

Sat atop a snowy mountain sits a huge and stunning keep. Within the keep sits an inn, stables and a castle. As the home for the Inquisition, it’s likely one of the most well-defended places in the continent of Thedas.

If I was the Inquisitor while there, I’d have the best suite overlooking the land around. Heck, the room even has a wine store!

Sadly, I’m not the Inquisitor. If I visited, I’d likely sleep in the muddy courtyards or – if I was lucky – in one of the fortification towers with no ceiling. And that would be the problem. There’s barely any room for the Inquisitor’s people, much less the pilgrims constantly visiting.

4. King’s Landing, Game of Thrones

Ahh, King’s Landing is a gorgeous seat of the throne. Hot and stylish, King’s Landing is the place to be if you are Westerosi and have the means.

But that’s the problem. Most people don’t have the means. They barely get by, constantly stomped on by the politicians and religious fanatics. If you don’t have a big family name, you’re better off elsewhere. And last I checked, I wasn’t nobility.

Note: You can actually visit where King’s Landing is filmed, in Dubrovnik, Croatia which is the featured image for this post!

5. Kaer Morhen, The Witcher

Home of the famous/infamous Witchers, Kaer Morhen is a huge keep in the mountains. But that’s where the similarities between that and the Inquisition end. Kaer Morhen holds some of the Witcher’s deepest secrets and technologies so it’s hardly open to the public.

Not that it stops the public from visiting.

From the very first time I’ve seen Kaer Morhen it was under attack. Forces of evil had invaded and as I explored the corridors and hallways, I found the place was in total disrepair. What can you expect when run by just six men?

Now, I would love to visit Kaer Morhen in its glory days. When people were training in the courtyards and it looked more like a keep than ruins.

There were just some of the fictional destinations I’d love to visit. What are some of yours?

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