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Has anyone else noticed how many times “feminism” has been brought up over the past year? A lot. And too right…  there are too many blinded and confused by the concept.

Why does it take so long for common sense to sink in and why on earth does it need a name? Surely the act of treating men and women the same is pretty self-explanatory. And yet, it’s a topic that people get all stressed out about. I agree that the topic of feminism should be promoted – especially by those who hold some influence over large audiences such as pop stars and actors. What I don’t understand is why it takes that sort of power to make people understand.


There are men who worry about holding doors open for women because there are some who react badly to this. What should be done, in reality, is that everyone opens the door to anybody. It’s called mutual respect. That’s all it is about.

Women should be able to act the same as men and men should be able to act the same as women. A common example given is how a woman gets called a “slut” if she sleeps with multiple partners but men don’t. Instead, men are praised for it. This is an issue. Your body is yours and you are allowed to do what you wish. As an adult, you should be able to do what you please (without causing harm to others) without being judged. But women are on a daily basis.


I also want to point out that women are can be good at slut shaming too. When Justin Bieber is naked, it’s fine. When Kim Kardashian is naked, it’s wrong. You cannot pick and choose when feminism is okay. Getting naked and being happy is a sign of empowerment, don’t try and knock others down for it.

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So, not everyone who comments on these posts have hypocritcal POV but I don’t see anyone saying they lost respect for Justin whenever he’s posts half naked or even completely naked (except a hand covering his bits).


Of course, there are certain physical activities that a lot of men can do that some women can’t do but that is physical and due to evolution. That does not mean EVERY woman cannot do something that EVERY man can. It simply means that there is a percentage of men have some physical advantages over women when it comes down to strength.

In addition, when anyone feels the need to justify that “not all men” are anti-women yada-yada-yada, I tend to mute it out. Of course, not all men believe women belong in the kitchen. But we aren’t trying to focus on them. We are trying to focus on those who are dumb enough to think women are inferior to men. And if men are trying to help that cause, then great. However, they don’t need a medal for it.


There is an argument that springs up that if men and women are treated equally, then men can hit women.


There should be in no instance where anyone causing harm to anybody else. There are men who have been beaten by women and yet they won’t dare to touch them even in self-defence. And yet as soon as women are abused, it’s an issue. But it’s an issue each way and shouldn’t be used as an attack on equal rights.

Abuse is abuse, no matter what. And like sexism, it’s wrong.


Why people get the impression that feminists hate men is laughable. There are a huge amount of feminist men out there too. These men and women simply want everyone to be treated the same. And fighting for that right is no bad thing at all.

Feminists should constantly speak up about public harassment, sexual slurs and the constant need to stand up for themselves when men feel entitled.

Women aren’t more powerful to men because they have a following of equal rights supporters. They just have been oppressed for longer. I’m for equal rights no matter what gender, race, sexual orientation or nationality you are. But no “isms” (except those of a sexual kind) or “phobias” towards anyone should exist whether it’s for a positive cause or not. Because as soon as you have an “ism” (not of a sexual kind) then someone out there is immediately segregated from a society of people.

What are your views on this? How do you define feminism?

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