Five Bad Ass Female Characters

Five Female Characters That Truly Kick Ass

Over the past few years, I have discovered my love for television and film is ultimately based on the characters and not just the story. For me, character development is truly what drives a show or a movie to be interesting and relatable – two important factors in visual entertainment. However, I am truly connected to female characters who show off what they can achieve. Women who don’t need bravado, ego and arrogance from the outset to demonstrate what they are capable of. Here are five of my favourites.

Daenerys Targaryen – Game of Thrones

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If you look up any favourite female TV show characters you are probably going to find Daenerys. Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, the Unburnt, the First of Her Name, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, Lady Regnant of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons.

You don’t get this many titles if you aren’t awesome. And by god is this woman awesome. Not only is she kind hearted but it’s also made out of stone. Her power, strength and determination knows no bounds.

She went from being a scared young girl, married off, abused by her brother and raped by her husband. Later she became a ruler. She taught her brute of a husband – who knew no better due to his upbringing and culture – that she was a passionate lover. He no longer saw her as an object but his wife. They fell in love and she took all she learned from him and became a ruthless yet kind ruler.

If that’s not bad ass I don’t know what is.

Hermione Granger – Harry Potter


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In both the books and films Hermione may seem like a big know-it-all but in reality, she is a strong and determined young woman. She doesn’t let her friends’ mischief distract her from her goals and she uses her intelligence to help save the lives of her peers.

As she grows, she handles her relationships and issues within them with maturity and speaks her mind. She is the perfect role model – intelligent, ambitious, brave and outspoken. Hermione endures torture, bullying and loss but never falters her kind heart.

Lorelei Lee – Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

You may not think Lorelei Lee kicks ass in the sense of being a strong character that has been through tough times. But that is probably due to the movie script not conveying Lorelei’s past as much as the play or novel does. In fact, Lorelei in the novel didn’t just spend her time thinking about money and diamonds. She also killed a sexual predator, which the film doesn’t convey. However, the film does show how smart she really is and that there is more to her than meets the eye.

She fools men around her to get what she wants, acting the dumb blonde when indeed she knew what she was doing the whole time.

Carol Peletier – The Walking Dead

When you go through Carol’s character development from series one to seven of The Walking Dead you understand why she goes through so many emotional turmoils. In some cases, she tries to run from her problems but this does not make her weak. She does it to protect those she loves as she can’t stand losing anything else.

Carol starts off as a beaten, controlled and abused wife. When her pathetic excuse of a husband reaches his demise she then loses her daughter, friends and people she calls her family. She fights, protects and plays her part in ensuring those she cares for are looked after. And she does it in the coolest ways possible!


Peggy Olson – Mad Men


Mad Men is set in an era when women were invisible… Unless of course, they were cleaning, typing, reproducing or there for sexual gratification. Peggy Olson enters the world of advertising as a shy, timid and naive young woman and builds her career into copywriting. But she does it with a fight.

Peggy Olson enters the world of advertising as a shy, timid and naive young woman and builds her career into copywriting. A job which displays her creativity and where her male co-workers need to take note. But she does it with a fight. She battles through giving her child up for adoption, love and sexism. All of which push her further to get what she wants – the career of her dreams.

She proves to her male peers and co-workers that she is more than capable to take on the same tasks as they are. And she does it better. No, she’s not the typical pretty girl of the office. But she’s strong, ambitious and hard-working. However, she is also caring, sensitive and driven.

Peggy surprises the male lead, Don Draper to which they build a difficult yet touching friendship. She even ends up falling in love with a man who never took her seriously until he saw exactly what she was capable of.

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