How to Feel Confident in Summer

Feeling Confident in Summer

For some bizarre reason, the world of Twitter erupted with opinions on other people’s weight and health after a brand launched a campaign connecting the two. We all know that eating bad foods and not exercising can cause a risk to our health, but NEWS FLASH, it’s no one else’s business. It’s up to each individual to have regular check-ups to ensure they have regular blood pressure, heart rate and are at no risk. It’s also up to each individual, no matter what shape or size to eat and wear whatever we want.


A summer body is a body that exists during summer. That’s all it is. So, when the sun pops around the corner, why should so many of us girls (as well as guys) feel the need to hide?

Many of us absolutely detest summer. The shops sell tiny knicker shorts, causing chub rub. Boob tubes that create an extra set of breasts around the armpit unless you are a size 8.

But times are changing ladies and gents. No longer does ANYONE (slim, curvy, black, Asian, white, fat, thin, disabled, trans, man, woman, ANYONE) need to feel as if they should hide their bodies. And why’s that? BECAUSE IT’S 2017.

2017 means it has been almost 100 years since women were given the right to vote. 100 years later so many of us are being told what we can and can’t wear by magazines, Katie Hopkins, her mate Piers and the media. The Gok Wan’s of the world telling women what they should and shouldn’t wear is a load of crap. Our body, our choice. If I want to wear a bikini, I will. If I decide a bandaeu one piece is more for me, I will.

Thank god for the internet for standing up and saying “screw you I want to show off my cellulite.” There are so many empowering women on my Twitter timeline who are all different shapes and sizes and they are beautiful. They are beautiful because of their attitude. And they give women like me the confidence to say we can wear what we like. This shouldn’t have to stop in the summer months. It works both ways. If you don’t want to show off any skin, it’s fine. Don’t let anyone pressure you in thinking you need to get your legs out if you don’t want to!


Firstly, ignore what everyone says about having bikini bodies and what the idea person looks like naked. Each to their own right?

Okay, now that’s out of the way, wear what you want and feel good in. Thighs touch but in love with some short shorts? Buy them, wear them and be sexy as hell. Sexy is just an attitude after all! Like wearing black, because who doesn’t, but don’t feel summery enough? Then wear it with a difference. Bardot tops, vest tops, black denim… You don’t have to step out of your comfort zone for the sake of weather. Prefer to be covered but not dying of heat? A lightweight black summer dress is the perfect alternative.

Pale as a baby fish like me? Embrace it! Or get a fake tan, whatever you want. Just say “this is me, I’m happy” and roll with it.

You are sexy AF. Just tell yourself that. Be comfortable, be you.



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    So well said! More of this is needed on the web!Jo

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