February Degustabox

February’s Degustabox Review

A few weeks ago, I explained why you should sign up to the surprise food box that is Degustabox. Not only are you saving money and trying out new treats, but some of these items cannot be found in just any old supermarket. I will be reviewing each month’s box to show you the contents; how much is saved as opposed to buying it in a store and what I liked or disliked. This way you can see if getting this sort of subscription at your door each month is for you (it probably is).

February Degustabox


February’s Degustabox contained:

  • Koko Dairy Free Milk (£1.20)
  • Double Dutch mixer (£1.75)
  • x2 Heinz No Added Sugar Beanz (32p each)
  • Kabuto Noodles Vegetable Laksa (£1.99)
  • Blossom Hill Fruit Bloom (£3.95)
  • Maui and Sons Dark Chocolate Coated Banana Chips (£1.90)
  • Willy Chase’s Fitcorn Honey and Sea Salt (£1.10)
  • Will Chase’s Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Just Bee Blueberry Honey Water (£1.49)
  • Peppersmith Mints and Chewing Gum (£1.38 each)
  • Bebeto Cheesecake Gummies
  • Bebeto Candy Crush Gummy Mix
  • Coldpress Fruity Greens (£2.23)
  • New York Delhi Americanos (£1.00)
  • Diablo Sugar-Free Cream Filled Chocolate Wafer (95p)

TOTAL: Approx. £19.58 (saving over £8)

Prices are from Ocado, Tesco and Amazon or from the brand store. Some items have been priced based on the average cost of a bulk order. Because I can’t bloody find them anywhere on the internet, there are items that haven’t been priced because, that way they are super special!


February Degustabox

Koko Dairy Free Milk 

You might have actually seen this advertised on TV recently! This dairy and soy alternative is the perfect milk replacement for those with certain intolerances. For example, Amy has a dairy issue where she can’t actually consume too much milk products. Clearly, she isn’t the only one or a minority. And there are a lot of people who want to have a break from dairy every now and again. Some have no choice, so this is a fantastic alternative. And it tastes no different to milk when in tea, coffee or with cereal!

Double Dutch mixer 

As I don’t drink anything that requires a mixer, this item remains in the fridge for any gin loving guests!

Heinz No Added Sugar Beanz

Smaller tins of these sugar free beans are perfect for a lunch-time jacket potato or beans on toast. Plus, beans do contain a lot of sugar so having a sugar-free option is a godsend for those cutting back.

Kabuto Noodles Vegetable Laksa

No more disgusting Pot Noodles! Kabuto have so much deliciousness you will wonder how you could eat any other instant noodles. They contain a combination of authentic Asian flavours and quality ingredients. Just compare the ingredients list to a regular chicken and mushroom Pot Noodle and you can see what is better for you. It is amazing what a few natural ingredients taste like, proving we don’t need chemicals in our food.

Blossom Hill Fruit Bloom

Because I don’t drink wine, I gave this to my in-laws to try. My mother in-law liked it more than my father in-law who said it was a bit sweet for his taste.

Maui and Sons Dark Chocolate Coated Banana Chips

I’m not a fan of bananas, which is why I asked Paul to taste these. And after a few being thrown in his mouth he said he preferred them plain, even if he does like dark chocolate. The combination just didn’t work for him.

Willy Chase’s Fitcorn Honey and Sea Salt

February Degustabox

This is an odd combination, although initially you wouldn’t think so! This popcorn is not like your normal sweet and salt combo. The honey has less of a sugary taste and has a very subtle sweetness to it.

Will Chase’s Apple Cider Vinegar

I’ve not yet used this. However, apple cider vinegar has so many uses that it’s a cupboard staple for any household. From a facial toner, to an all-purpose cleaner or just to help bad breath and get rid of hiccups, it’s a useful item to have in the home.

Just Bee Blueberry Honey Water

February Degustabox

Sadly, I’m not the biggest flavoured water lover in the world and a drink that contains blueberry and honey is just a little too weird for me! But if you do like the sound of this combo, definitely give it a try as this drink is a natural antioxidant.

Peppersmith Mints and Chewing Gum

February Degustabox

I love mints. But often they either don’t keep your breath feeling fresh for long enough, or they are so overpowering that they make your eyes water. But these keep my breath fresh and taste great. Plus, they help reduce plaque by killing the bacteria in your mouth. And these are veggie and vegan friendly!

Bebeto Cheesecake Gummies

February Degustabox

These smell amazing however, due to my vegetarian diet I am going to have another look at the ingredients to make sure they contain no bees wax or gelatin. However, the fact these are halal would suggest an animal did die for this product, as morbid as that sounds! It is good that sweets are expanding to more cultures, even if I don’t personally agree with it.

Bebeto Candy Crush Gummy Mix

Fans of  the Candy Crush games would love the theme of these sweets. Comments from the above also apply to these sweets, too!

Coldpress Fruity Greens 

February Degustabox

I’ve always been a little suspicious of bottled juices and smoothies as they tend to contain a tonne of sugar. Which isn’t really the point of why people drink them. They are meant to be a bottle of goodness to help cleanse our bodies and give us nutrients. Which is what Coldpress Fruity Greens does. It contains nothing but fruit and vegetables. These are Apple Juice (71%), Apple Puree (7%), Celery (7%), Banana Puree (5%), Kiwi Fruit Puree (4%), Kale Juice (3%), Spinach Juice, Lime Juice. This creates a natural sweetness with no additional sugars.

New York Delhi Americanos 

I found these too gritty and strong flavoured. I mean, I love coffee, you guys know that. But this was an overload of flavour and I wasn’t keen on the texture at all.

Diablo Sugar-Free Cream Filled Chocolate Wafer 

Finally, Paul insisted that he’d review this item as he is a sucker for anything covered in chocolate… And well, let’s just say the wafer bar didn’t last long at all. Apparently it was yummy and you can’t tell it’s sugar free. He said the only bad thing was that he didn’t have more of it.

Would you be interested in trying any of these items?  


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