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When I was a child, I rarely went further than Devon on holiday to visit family. As I reached my teens I dreamt of travelling across the States, Canada and Europe. Going abroad was a big deal, something I never imagined doing. That’s why when Paul and I planned our year of working from anywhere, we wanted to see and do as much as possible. Below are some of my favourite moments in each of the places I visited in those years!



  • Going to the top of the Rockefeller Tower.
  • Walking through Central Park in the snow.
  • Seeing the Spring Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall.
  • Sitting on the Mad Men bench (temporary!)
  • Having a tour around Radio City Music Hall.
  • Ordering a delivery of cookies and milk at midnight.
  • Visiting Marilyn locations (Seven Year Itch subways grate, her apartments, SYI apartment etc.) with online friends from New Jersey.
  • Shake Shack…
  • Seeing Aladdin and Wicked on Broadway.
  • Going on the Brooklyn Pizza Tour.
  • Having a month in NYC as a whole.

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  • Driving through the mountains just outside of Cannes.
  • Visiting Monaco (seeing Princess Grace Kelly’s palace and burial-place).
  • Seeing filming locations of To Catch A Thief.
  • Relaxing on the beach.
  • Delicious food!
  • Sunshine!

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Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild


  • Riding electric bikes over the hills of Lisbon.
  • Befriending our electric bike tour guide and going out for a curry with him.
  • Having my first custard tart (sooo good).
  • Visiting Sintra.

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  • Going kayaking against my will and proving to Paul it was an awful idea.
  • Having a tour to Figueres visiting Salvador Dali’s home.
  • Going to the Salvador Dali museum.
  • Seeing Gaudi’s architecture.
  • Watching my first live football match at Camp Nou.

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  • PIZZA.
  • Seeing the Colosseum (again) every day.
  • Proper coffee.
  • PIZZA.
  • Food tour.
  • REAL gelato.
  • 30 degree heat = my first tan.
  • Being terrified on a scary buggy thing.
  • PIZZA.

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  • Eating the best risotto ever.
  • Cats everywhere.
  • Going on a buggy safari.
  • Finding a secret beach and then discovering it’s for nudists.

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  • Going to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and finding my favourite celebrities stars.
  • Discovering I have the same size hands as Marilyn Monroe at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.
  • Meeting Jackie from Immortal Marilyn and being given private Marilyn tours of where she lived, dined, passed away etc.
  • Going on a Paramount studio tour (seeing Alfred Hitchcock’s office and the sound stages to where some of my favourite films were created).
  • Going on the Warner Brothers studio tour.
  • Having a coffee in Central Perk (in the Warner Brothers studio).
  • Watching the Frank Sinatra 100th Birthday concert at The Hollywood Bowl (hearing Seth a sing One For My Baby, my favourite Sinatra song).
  • Walking to the Hollywood sign.
  • Visiting Marilyn Monroe and other stars at Westwood Cemetery.
  • Having the biggest TV I’ve ever seen in our apartment.
  • Meeting Marco, from Amsterdam and going on another MM tour with Jackie.
  • Having an LA Woman tour dedicated to The Doors.
  • Morbid but it was interesting visiting the locations of famous murders.
  • Seeing where musicians and film stars lived, performed and passed away.
  • Our crazy tour guide for Hollywood Star Homes tour “Anthony, Anthony, Anthony”.
  • Seeing the Playboy mansion.
  • Going to Universal Studios.
  • Discovering caramel frappuccino and getting one daily.
  • Visiting the ORIGINAL Disneyland during the 60th-anniversary celebrations.

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  • Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Having tea and fortune cookies at the Japanese tea garden.
  • Seeing the sea lions at Pier 39.
  • Eating all the ice cream at Ghirardelli’s Square.
  • Visiting The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre.
  • Going to the Disney Family Museum and finding that our friend Dali was planning on making a film (didn’t work out in the end).
  • Having a boat tour around Alcatraz.
  • Getting the Amtrak to Vancouver.

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  • Visiting Gas Town.
  • All the coffeeeeee.
  • Walking along Vancouver Harbour.
  • Going to Stanley Park.
  • Lazin’ about in the apartment watching Sopranos.

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  • Meeting Sara! We had a wonderful time visiting Banff and having her stay over. It was also lovely to be able to stay with her!
  • Visiting Edmonton Mall (it has a pirate ship).
  • Seeing the Northern Lights in Jasper.
  • Climbing Sulphur Mountain.
  • Seeing Lake Louise.
  • Visiting Marilyn locations (Banff Springs Hotel, Banff Upper Hot Springs).
  • Going in the Banff Upper Hot Springs.

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Aurora Borealis in Jasper



  • Visiting Niagara Falls for Paul’s birthday (spotting a few Marilyn locations too!)
  • Going to Casa Loma.
  • Viewing Toronto from the top of the CN Tower.
  • Seeing Legend at the Toronto Film Festival.

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  • Having chill time before going home. Meaning I was able to give my blog a makeover and finish Sopranos
  • Discovering the best curry house ever – Gandhi’s
  • Seeing Stevie Wonder live
  • Going to the cinema as much as possible as it’s so cheap in Canada!
  • Watching a Canadian hockey game
  • Visiting Old Montreal

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  • Visiting the Christmas markets
  • Walking along the canals
  • Going to Anne Frank’s house
  • Dinner with Melanie
  • Seeing the stage show of ANNE
  • Having coffee in brown cafes
  • Christmas shopping at de Bijenkorf
  • Eating ALL of the oliebollen and pepernoten
  • Being loved by a cat in a cafe to the point where it wouldn’t get off my lap…
  • Dinner at Marco’s (remember? The guy from LA!)
  • Eating all of the Kruidnoten I could get my hands on
  • Visiting Utrecht to see Melanie

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Is there anything you’d like to try in any of these cities?

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