My Favourite Looks in Music (PLUS Infographic!)

Music and fashion have always gone hand in hand. From Madonna to Michael Jackson, statements have always been made,  not only with performances but with costumes. My first memorable moment when the music was second to the fashion was when I saw the Spice Girls Wannabe video back in 1996. Each member had their own style to match their persona. Union Jack mini dresses with huge platform boots will forever be a Spice Girls look. And there are many artists who have had the same impact. So, today I thought I’d share a few of my favourite looks in music.


I had always grown up around music lovers. The sound of Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and Status Quo forever echoed through my home. However, from the age of nine, I discovered my love for pop music. Yes, I had loved the likes of Spice Girls beforehand but they didn’t hold my attention for too long at that age.


Being given records and tapes of Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Tracey Chapman and other various artists I began to find my own identity in music. I knew what I liked and didn’t. But none of the pop music I listened to was particularly current (other than Westlife!)



When music channels became a trend in my house – as opposed to CDs – Avril Lavigne’s video for Complicated stood out to me as the beginning of a change in identity. She was exactly who I wanted to be in terms of fashion. The baggy jeans, vest tops, sweat bands and heavy black eyeliner were all things I wanted to wear.


Through that particular style, I realised there were other artists who didn’t fit the typical pop star look including Pink and Busted. They thus shaped my future taste in music. And Claire’s Accessories was THE place for me to get my Avril accessories, making me look EXACTLY like my idol (ummm). Yep, I bought it all. The ties, skull earrings and striped gloves. Such a good look…

But – as with everyone – Avril grew up so so has her look. More and more throughout her music, Avril kept her ‘edgy’ style but with a girly twist. Something I didn’t know was possible until I saw the video to Girlfriend! Now I wanted fishnet tights and short skirts but at that age, I certainly wasn’t confident enough to wear anything like that.

What’s more, whilst researching photos for this post I found some beautiful images of Avril. This era of Avril probably has a bit of a cringe when she sees her Sk8er Boi video…

Avril Lavigne for People Magazine.
Avril Lavigne for People Magazine.


There’s something so iconic about Frank’s style. Not only was his voice beautiful and instantly recognisable, but his style screamed, “Gentleman,’ and, “Smooth talker.” Both of which he was very well known for being, although there are a few disagreements on that statement!

Despite not being able to relate to Sinatra’s choice of attire (because I’ve never worn a suit or tuxedo) his hat, tie and jacket combo are – for me – a part of his aura and coolness. There’s nothing extravagant about his choice of clothes. Just like his performances, there was something very simple about it. No crazy effects, no funky costumes. It was all about making the audience focus on his voice, the song and the orchestra.

Frank Sinatra in the studio, c. 1947
Frank Sinatra in the studio, c. 1947


Moving away from subtlety are the likes of Lady Gaga.

She’s always been a quirky one, hasn’t she? Just like her name, Lady Gaga always stood out to me as a woman with no fear of being different. A powerful voice, catchy songs (well most of them) and a wardrobe that would make Elton John surprised!

Queen Elizabeth II meets singer Lady Gaga following the Royal Variety Performance on December 7, 2009 in Blackpool, England (Photo by Leon Neal/ WPA Pool /Getty Images)
Queen Elizabeth II meets singer Lady Gaga following the Royal Variety Performance on December 7, 2009 in Blackpool, England (Photo by Leon Neal/ WPA Pool /Getty Images)

Okay, let’s ignore the PVC and meat dresses for a moment while I focus on some of the amazing designs that she’s worn over the years.

Lady Gaga at the 2016 Golden Globes

This dress, although completely out of character from the Gaga of 2009, has a thousand times more impact on me than the first image I showed you. So much grace and sophistication. Although this look isn’t iconic of Gaga, it shows a softer side to her personality. It’s definitely a look I love.

Via Cosmopolitan
Via Cosmopolitan


If this post has proven anything, it’s that music continues to develop so does the fashion that goes with it. Frank Sinatra’s day of simplicity have been, gone and come back. Sparkles, ties, glitter, platforms and sweatbands are the elements which will go around and come around all over again in twenty-year cycles.

Just look at some of the changes of modern music and the fashion with it. Some are slight changes. Others are a little more drastic!

Ingographic via PlayBuzz
Ingographic via PlayBuzz
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