Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Rental Property

Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Rental Property

As someone who owns their own home (I promise I’m not boasting!), it’s easy for me to upgrade certain aspects of my home with no one to answer to. But it wasn’t always that way. So, whether you are knocking down walls to make an open-plan living and kitchen area, when it comes to your home, anything goes. That is part of the beauty of buying property. You have the ability to truly turn a house into a home, and you can let your creativity run wild.

However, not all of us are in a position to buy a house. The price of the housing market is soaring on a daily basis. And not everyone is in a position to spend that type of money. Plus, as a house is such a big investment, you want to make sure you get it right first time. This means finding the right location and a home that meets your exact wants and desires. 

With all that in mind, some prefer to rent. It can be because it allow some more time to save up for a dream house or simply because it suits our lifestyle more. Sadly, this is a lifestyle that has a bit of a downside.

As any renter will know, you are extremely limited in what you can do to a rental property.  It does vary from landlord to landlord. Or even parents… Some are pretty chilled out, whereas others will send you a fine for literally moving a piece of furniture. Dramatic, yes. But it happens. There are rented home where you cannot paint, change furniture, put things on the walls or carry out any renovation. This can be pretty disappointing, especially as you may be yearning to put your spin on the place, to make it feel more like home. However, all is not lost! There are still a few things you can do to add a touch of your personality to your rented property, without getting in trouble with your landlord!


Okay, so putting things on the walls may be a big no-no. Many people do try, but even blue tack and cellophane can result in a stain. Plus they aren’t the most supportive ways of showing off your artwork and love for photography.

So if you want to avoid a fine and smashed glass, it’s just best to leave your walls blank (booo!). That you can’t put photos up in different ways. Leaning things against your walls shouldn’t cause too much of an issue, and many large canvases look great leaned against a wall. Plus, you can get many inventive photo frames that will happily sit on top of any surfaces you have in your home. This adds a more personal aspect to your place and can make the rental property feel much more like home.


Unless your rented flat or house came completely furniture-free, you may have walked into a fully-furnished property. This can be useful if you are not currently in a position to be buying furniture. But it’s not always the best solution when it comes to decor. 

The couches are probably old and worn. The curtains may look and smell as though they’re a hundred years old. In these instances, you have a few different options.For example, the curtains are easy remove and replace. So, why not do that? There is nothing to stop you removing the ones your landlord put up and replacing them with some Montgomery made to measure curtains.

Of course, you will need to keep your landlord’s curtains in a safe place and replace them upon vacating the property. But for the time you are there, why not try adding your own? Add a bit of colour or patterns to make up for those plain walls you’ve left blank!

Couches and chairs pose a bigger issue. They are much heavier and bulkier and often leave the landlord no wanting to replace it. But if you really hate the design, or if they look a little bit past it simply cover them with a decorative throw. Add some pretty cushions and voila! Cozy, functional AND stylish. Oh, rugs are also another great way to brighten up a rental property, especially if your landlord is particularly strict about you putting anything on the walls.


As I’ve already mentioned, it can often be difficult to decorate a rental property when wall space is out of the question. This is why you should start looking at new ways of bringing color and life to your home that doesn’t involve pictures or art.

One of the best ways are through plantlife. Flowers, it could be argued, are nature’s very own works of art. Thefore, there is no better way to decorate your rental property than with some plants!

Spider plants look great in a bathroom as they give the place a tropical, exotic look – and they grow pretty well in a humid environment, too. As far as other rooms in the house go, it’s all up to you. I personally like rubber plants as they require little care! Also a  bunch of lilies can easily become a focal point in any living room. They also smell amazing (pet owners, beware as they are poisonous when eaten). Various herb pots can look cute and be practical along your kitchen window sill.


Just like with the curtains, you may come across some items in your rental property that are not entirely to your taste. Pretty natural as a tenant. 

This could be the coffee table in your living room, or maybe the kitchen implements that are provided (landlords commonly provide things like microwaves and kettles). Although it’s nice to have these things, they aren’t always the most up-to-date style or particularly attractive. 

Some people may regard it as petty to worry about this kind of thing. It’s not. The truth is, they can make a big impact on how your home looks and feels overall. Getting my coffee table was a big deal and I love it. It’s the centrepiece of a room!

For those who are like me, spending a lot of time browsing Pinterest and admiring all the matching sets of kitchen utensils and designs, it can make you a little interiors obsessed. And if you ask me, you’re more than entitled to get your own for your rental place! If it is inexpensive and you don’t mind leaving it for the next tenants, you could also be doing your landlord a favor. If not, just put the original utensils somewhere safe and only replace them when you move out of the property.

Rental properties can sometimes feel a little impersonal. But if you get savvy about it, there are plenty of ways to make them feel more homely.

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