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Dubrovnik… Probably the most random choices for our travels but it is always good to go out of your comfort zone.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, a huge reason to why we wanted to come here was because it was the beautiful setting for many scenes within Game of Thrones. As a huge fan of the show it seemed silly not to go here (need to go to Ireland as well now!).



Just 50 minutes away from Rome, Dubrovnik is a Croatian city which lies on Adriatic Sea.  It is famous for it’s beautiful Old City, a walled medieval town where may visit when venturing here.  Much of the architecture in Dubrovnik is of Venetian influence due to the Venice occupation which lasted 150 years from 1205.

In 1990 the Republic of Croatia reached it’s independence, however it was only a year later that Dubrovnik was  attacked by Serbo-Montenegrin army. The Serbo Montenegrin siege of Dubrovnik lasted for seven months, and in May 1992 the  Croatian Army liberated the local surroundings of Dubrovnik. But the danger of Serbo – Montenegrin sudden attacks lasted another three years.

Today, Dubrovnik is free and safe town, worldly known and the most popular tourist destination in Croatia.



  • Croatia is part of the EU.
  • The currency is Kuna. £10 is about 100 Kuna.
  • Croatian’s aren’t overly concerned about tipping (unlike the UK and US) but be nice and give them something for their service.
  • Tap water is fine to drink as is water from the fountains found in the Old City.
  • Whilst here (last two weeks of June) there were 3 storms but majority of the time it was hot and sunny.



This apartment was situated near the main port of Dubrovnik and was perfect for the two of us.

Although small and basic it had the main essentials that we required (fridge, hob, bathroom, wifi, air con and kettle).

Romana was the most helpful host we could’ve asked for. She dealt with our rubbish, washed our clothes (as we were there for two weeks) and changed our bedsheets as well as kept up to date with us to make sure we were okay. Romana is wonderful and speaks perfect English so there is no barrier, you can ask her for anything and she will accommodate.

The location was spot on. Just half an hour walk from the Old City, minutes away from bars and restaurants and near bus terminals.



I was incredibly surprised by how cheap the food is here in Dubrovnik. For example, Paul and I had a main, dessert, coffee, a mocktail and a large bottle of water for 250 Kn. You would not have got that in London!

Although incredibly touristy Dubrovnik’s food is up to incredible standard as they like to leave a good impression. In the Old City there is no shortage of food. The majority of the establishments there are bars and/or restaurants supplying lots of meat and sea food (no good for us veggie’s though eh?). If you are vegetarian, there are options such as beautiful pizzas, scrummy salads and risottos.


Just outside the Old City walls is where Paul and I got our steal of a meal from. The food was delicious and the views… stunning. Be aware that service here is a little slow but the food makes it all worth it.


On a couple of lazy days Paul and I decided to order a pizza. Once I managed to get hold of an English speaking employee we had a HUGE pizza and bottle of drink for 75 Kn within 10 minutes of ordering.




Paul was skeptical about telling me about this one BUT I was super excited when he told me.

Once we were picked up from the Elite Travel office we headed to the top of Mount Srđ where our buggies were waiting for us. After signing some documentation, grabbing our helmets and strapping ourselves in our group bumped and drifted across the countryside with spectacular views from the mountain. There were a couple of stops on the way to get some history of Dubrovnik as well as take some photos.

When we came back to base (and cleaned our faces off from all the dust!) it was time to head back down the mountain. Only this time in a cable car. The queue was quick and the ride took no time at all.


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This was a birthday present from February which I had been excited for, for months! The guide was friendly, informative and gave us insider knowledge to the filming of Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik. You even get to view some screenshots so you can recognise some of the scenes.

The tour itself takes you to the quieter areas of the Old City (including, what I like to call, the Stairs of Shame) as well as around half of the city wall, the Red Keep (everyone was asking what this was… It’s the place the Iron Thrones is) and the location of the Purple Wedding (aka where Joffrey had a little incident).



10 minutes out of the door and we were on a pirate ship! Okay, so not quite…This was the boat that would take us to Koločep, Lopud and Šipan.

The first is a short stop (about 30 minutes)  where you can view the simplicity of a small island in Dubrovnik. The second allows slightly more time (1 hour 30 minutes) to wander the coastline before lunch which consists of fish and salad. Paul and I had a vegetable dish and rice which was incredibly fresh and delicious. And for you wine drinkers, you get some vino too!

Once lunch was complete the boat continues to the final island where you have approximately 3 hours. Remember to bring your swimming gear as you will want to go for a dip in the sea and sunbathe. At about 4:30pm you head back and enjoy listening to the band play a mixture of tunes.

I would definitely recommend visiting Dubrovnik before it becomes overwhelmed by tourism. It’s a gorgeous city with a lot to offer. 

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