The Dream Spa Day

What do you think when you hear, “Spa Day?” Scented oils, steam rooms and dressing gowns. Healthy teas, painted nails and facial scrubs. Oh! And Waxing and hot stones. But what really goes on?

Going on a spa day for the first time can be daunting. When I went on my first spa day I had no idea what to expect. “What do I bring? What will be expected of me? What will I be eating? How long should I be in the sauna?” And even, “Will I be naked for long!” 

I walked around the gorgeous building observing the mellowed out couples as they drank their iced teas as I grew increasingly anxious. But as the spa day went on I began to become more comfortable and relaxed. But what is the perfect spa experience? Ellisons have asked me what my ultimate dream spa day would be, so I have designed the perfect spa day in today’s post for my Dream Spa.


You visit my Dream Spa’s website, which is beautifully simple to navigate. Here you’d complete all of the forms that you usually would when you arrive at a spa. This includes the injury history and health and safety questionnaires.

Once you have chosen your package and treatments, you’d pay for it there and then. This includes free use of the swimming pool, gym, sauna, steam room, sun loungers (in summer), tanning beds, snacks, drinks and a three course lunch.

When the booking is complete, my Dream Spa sends you a beautiful welcome bag to your home address for each guest attending the establishment. The gift bag contains some deliciously scented shower cream, shampoo and conditioner, slippers and details of the spa day.

The brochure has an incredibly useful FAQ with what you need to bring, what your treatments entail and a menu with a range of food and drink. There is a list of the facilities with photographs to give you a layout of the spa, as well as a time frame for your perfect spa day.


The Dream Spa is not only a beautiful, clean establishment with scented oils burning and candles flickering. It’s also a haven to unwind, where you can choose your mood setting. There are different lounge spaces, all of which are spacious and not full of other guests. You can choose the bright and airy room which looks out over the fields, letting in a gentle breeze and bird song. Or you can relax in the dark room, with candles and calming music. Here you can lay on the large, comfortable loungers and enjoy a gentle nap.

The gym at the spa contains a range of equipment, so if you feel like having a run or perhaps do a weight workout, you have the choice. There are also yoga mats so you can have a stretch before taking a dip in the pool.

After a few lengths of swimming, you are all good to go for the jacuzzi. There the warm bubbles will massage your muscles before the sauna.

Once you’re heated up, head to the showers to wash out the chlorine and then indulge in a cup of tea before lunch.

The lunch menu is simple, fresh and homemade. There is a selection of meals including several vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan choices to cater to everyone’s dietary needs.

After filling up on lunch, it’s the perfect time to relax before making your way to the treatment rooms. After an hour or two of pampering, make your way to the lounge for one last tea before getting ready to leave the heavenly atmosphere of the Dream Spa.


The Dream Spa has staff who are always polite, on hand to help but will also give you the space you desire. There are only a few guests at the spa at any time which gives you some solace away from your busy schedule.

Okay, so my Dream Spa isn’t real but it is the ideal way to spend your day. Spas can be awkward, especially when you don’t know what to expect before you get there. And that’s why my ultimate spa day would be relaxed and removes any anxiety I may have before going.


When you book a spa day be sure to:

  • Check reviews for the spa.
  • See if they can accommodate your diet and health requirements.
  • Read their FAQs.
  • Ask any questions before going so you know what to expect.
  • Get an idea of the timings for the day.
  • Check the facilities on offer so you have an idea of what to bring with you e.g swim wear, gym gear, spare clothes.

And don’t be afraid to drop the spa an email! Not everyone is an expert at massages or facials. A full body massage might be too much for you, so start small and work your way up next time!

What’s your dream spa day? Would you get active or are you all about the chill?


Image via – Kaboompics

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