Don't Quit, Just Rest.

Don’t Quit, Just Rest

You wake up four days in a row thinking, “I don’t want to do this anymore.” It could be your job, your hobby, going to the gym or even your relationship. It’s time you took a break, relax and rest. But don’t quit. At least not yet. Quitting is too easy and can be more damaging if you decide to go back to whatever it was you decided to leave behind.


It’s a horrible feeling when you begin to fall out of love with something. You want to love it, you want to carry on but the spark has gone. That’s when you know you need a break from it. It’s not necessarily quitting.

Quitting means never going back. Full stop. Kaput.

But taking a break allows you to explore new opportunities or even just yourself.


Give yourself some ‘me time’. Take some time off work, give your hobby a break or see your partner less. Find other things to occupy your time.

Travelling is the perfect way to clear your head and gather inspiration. Save up those pennies and have a mini-break in Paris. Whatever it is or wherever it takes you just be sure to avoid the thing you’re taking a break from.

If you can’t get away then just have a couple of days at home. Declutter, relax, watch movies, bake… Indulge yourself. Give your mind and body some time off.

This includes going to the gym. Although working out is very good for you and your mental as well as physical health, it’s always good to give your body a break too.


Hopefully, a week or two off will help you feel refreshed and inspired. Sometimes it doesn’t. That’s when you have to work out what the issues are.

Why are you unhappy?

Is your job not creative enough? Start looking for a new one.

Is your blog not getting enough hits? Check out this blog post.

Can’t find the inspiration to do your hobby? Give it a few more weeks! It’s not going anywhere.

Are you bored with your love life? Talk with your partner. See how they feel everything is going and work something out together.

None of this is particularly easy or fun. But you need to do it, for you. Have a rest, relax and take it easy. You never know what else you may discover during your time off.

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