My Obsession With Disney World Explained

My Obsession with Disney World Explained

I think every day since coming back from Disney World in October 2014 I have mentioned something about it in my day to day conversation or on my social media. I sound a little crazy at times don’t I? Well, I think I should explain a little bit why it means so much to me.


As a child I think everyone wants to go to Disneyland/Disney World. Any why not? I’m pretty sure all kids love Disney movies. But going to Disney World when I was growing up was a dream destined to never come true. With my mother’s MS and my father’s employment status there was no way I would ever go to Florida because funds simply wouldn’t allow.

When Paul mentioned that his favourite place in the world was Disney World Florida, I had a niggle of jealousy. I acted like it couldn’t be THAT much of an amazing place. And after visiting Disneyland Paris, which was a bit of a let down in all honesty, I was determined even more to go to Disney World.


In 2014, I made the choice to get a loan (yes a loan) to go to Disney World with Paul. We booked it with Virgin Holidays and I don’t think I had ever been so excited in my life.

October came and when I should’ve been excited to go, I was having therapy and taking medication for my recently diagnosed anxiety and depression. It was one of the hardest times in my life when suddenly all of my problems (through my childhood abuse and controlling relationships triggered by work) seemed to come crashing down on me. But after a week of taking the medication and with only a few days to go until Disney World I was overwhelmed with excitement and joy.


When we got to Disney suddenly all the anxiety and sadness I had just days before flying had disappeared. I don’t think I had felt such a relief in my whole life. We had made it. We had got to Disney. I was in a situation where I was able to pay off a loan monthly and visit the place I had dreamt of escaping to as a child. As stupid as it sounds I had reached the resort of dreams where there is nothing but cinnamon smells, warm air, smiling faces and glitter.

Disney was my escape from reality. More expensive than drugs but a lot more pleasurable too!


When I arrived home I didn’t feel sad. I had a year of travelling ahead. And after that, I would later become a homeowner. But in between that, I have felt this horrible feeling of limbo.

I often think about those nights walking around Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs) hearing movie soundtracks, consuming sweet treats and feeling nothing but happiness. Waking up at 6am seeing the sunrise over the Caribbean Beach Resort, the smell of pancakes filling the air. Nothing gives me a warmer feeling than my first day there. But why?

Disney World was a dream come true. A personal accomplishment for overcoming doubt and worry.

So, although I talk about WDW a lot to me it’s for a very good reason. It’s my haven, my escape, my dream come true. I get bitterly jealous of anyone who goes there haha! But it seriously is the best place on earth, as shallow as that may be, I don’t care! 

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  • Reply Pareen February 23, 2016 at 3:20 am

    Disney World is my favorite place to go! Once you enter the park, you feel the happiness in the air 🙂

  • Reply Sophie February 23, 2016 at 10:43 am

    I totally relate to this! I think Disneyland/World is a place you can totally escape and live in the moment and it makes you feel like you’re a kid all over again xx

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