Desert Island Movies

“If you were stuck on a desert island and you had the equipment needed, what eight movies couldn’t you live without?”

It’s one of those hypothetical questions we all consider and Laura asked me it recently. So it got me thinking: What movies can’t I live without? After literally hours of deliberation, I’ve wrangled it down to the eight. So here they are!


1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, (2001)

I still remember the very night I first saw this movie and it’s one of my fondest (if not foggiest) memories. The magic and excitement gave a whole generation excitement. Not to mention that more recent generations are still enthralled. That’s the surefire proof that this movie will never be forgotten.

2. Mulan, (1998)

Long before Frozen, there was Mulan. An animated movie that defined how Disney movies have started to grow. Mulan taught little girls that they don’t need to be princesses to be special. Taught them that no one fits into just one box. Mulan didn’t play the role of the ideal woman but she played the role of the ideal soldier. And for Shang, that was the ideal woman. His ideal woman.

3. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, (2001)

This movie made me realise my love of the high fantasy and adventure genres. With great costumes, a strong story and compelling characters, how could I not fall for Tolkien’s worlds? This childhood favourite will always be in my feel good films list. So, when stranded on an island alone I will always have the eleven friends who got me through my childhood – and I think Laura would agree with me, there.

4. Adam, (2009)

There’s not a film on here that has done what Adam has done for me. And when I say that, it’s not simply just to hype it up. If you know me personally, you’d know that University was such a huge step for me. And Adam gave me the strength to take that step. If there’s one movie that could help give me the determination to get off of that desert island, it’s this one!

5. Muppet Treasure Island, (1996)

Swashbuckling adventures with a lighthearted sing-along element? Who could say no! And especially when Tim Curry is rocking and rolling as Long John Silver. When life get’s you down, you’ve gotta sing yourself happy.

6. Alien, (1979)

Well, what would I be if I didn’t throw a horror into the mix? I’m a horror addict and I need my fix.

7. X-Men, (2000)

Superheroes and people in tight spandex. Well, not to mention the not-so-subtly hidden theme of civil rights. And just because I love the franchise, I have to take the movie that started it all.

8. The Matrix, (1999)

I can hear Laura groan as she reads this one. Yep! I’m adding this 1999 hacker classic to my list. Anyone who knows me probably assumed I hate it, now but that couldn’t be further from the truth. After my five year or so hardcore obsession with it, it’s not too easy to drop it. So, yes, I will be taking Neo, Trinity and Morpheus with me.

So that’s my list of movies I’d take to a desert island with me! Of course, these are just a few of my favourites but they are the ones I truly cannot live without.

What are your eight chosen desert island movies? Which lists would you like to see? Any more desert island collections?

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