Why and How I Deleted Fake Twitter Followers

How and Why I Deleted Dormant and Fake Followers on Twitter

Followers, followers, followers. That’s all people (and myself on the odd occasion) seem to give a darn about nowadays. Quite sad really isn’t it? Blogging and social media lovers are now in a constant competition to get more followers. But I have decided to cull and block all dormant and fake followers (or at least fake looking) – there were a lot.



In the past I’ve shared how you can get followers on Instagram, however, it really just comes down to being the best you can be at using a social platform. There is no magic, no app or amount of money that can give you followers. There are no real guides on how to get more followers. I want to be as real as I can, so that’s why I’m happy to have a hundred real followers as opposed to twelve thousand fake ones.

A while back I decided (before I really knew anything about blogging and shizz) that I would promote my Twitter on various crappy promotional websites. And yes my followers went up but they were all bull to be honest. I’d have men from Saudi Arabia with protected Tweets follow me. I’d have eggs following me with the name John Smith. Yeah, okay you’re legit…*eye roll*


I’ll admit when I used this script and this script to remove fake looking followers I was completely disheartened. I felt like I’d been living a lie. But hey it was my own fault.

I’m pretty certain that there are still a lot of my followers are probably dormant and/or appear to be “fake” and that’s a rubbish feeling. It’s horrible knowing I’ve promoted myself as having over one thousand two hundred followers only to find that half don’t even exist.

But alas, I’d rather have real people follow my blog than thousands of shady nobodys.


It’s rather funny as some of the checkers say I still have over six hundred fake followers despite using the script, however I found another checker (no longer in use) that was able to name some of the accounts which are deemed to be fake… Including my Dad’s account and a few others I know to be real. Which goes to show that these fake account checkers aren’t always accurate. I definitely recommend removing the egg followers with the script I had shared earlier and avoid using any free promotional tools to gain followers.

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