A Day in London for £60

London is not a cheap city to visit. In fact, it’s in the top ten most expensive cities in the world, so having a cheap day out can be tricky. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! You may have seen my post on how to have a cheap day in London but I decided to put it to the test!

Over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, Amy, her friend Zoe and I headed to London for the day. And I spent just £60. Here’s what we got up to!


When I know I’m going to London, I often book my train ticket online via the Trainline website. I select a Zone 1-2 travel card return from my departure location because it’s cheaper YAYYY! My travel card (which turned out to be for all zones) came to just £15.30 as opposed to £18.



The girls and I had booked a table for brunch at London Grind, which I was super excited about after looking at their menu. The espresso bar is situated outside of London Bridge, next to/above Borough Market.

We got there early but they were kind enough to promptly seat us. One of the things we all agreed on was that the music is awesome – The Who, Motorhead, Queen and other tunes gave the place a relaxed, casual feel. It’s a trendy restaurant with no pretense.


I ordered myself the avocado on toast with poached eggs, a cappuccino and orange juice all for £13.60. The service was super quick and the staff were friendly. I have no idea how I hadn’t been there before. Zoe and Amy enjoyed their brunches too which came to no more than £16.00 each.


The first item on our agenda was The Victoria and Albert Museum which we can all rejoice in the fact that it’s FREE (unless you want to go to an exhibition). We got the tube from London Bridge to South Kensington where you can find a large selection of museums.

I love the V&A because it features collections for all interests including fashion, architecture, history and art. The building is also pretty stunning. We spent the majority of our time there admiring European History, fashion and furniture. You can honestly visit this museum on multiple occasions as there is just SO much to see.

We were also intending to visit the Natural History Museum which is just next door but the queue was atrociously busy (avoid going during school holidays if you can!)



Zoe was keen to have me try my first bubble tea which is apparently a big trend nowadays. Luckily for us three thirsty ladies, there is a Bubbleology in South Kensington. I ordered myself an Apple and Ginger tea with bubbles of some sort, I can’t remember which ones. And my god it was great! Weird but great.

Bubble teas are the perfect little refresher before walking around the area – and for just £3.45 (regular).


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To avoid getting on the tube, we decided to walk from South Kensington to Sloane Square. This gave us opportunity to slurp on our Bubble Tea whilst admiring the beautiful homes of the area. Losers as we are, we also took a peek in estate agent windows to see how much places in London cost… Yeah, I won’t be moving to the city anytime soon.

Despite being refreshed, I still needed a caffeine top up so Amy kindly bought me a coffee – isn’t that nice?


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We hopped on the tube from Sloane Square and annoyingly changed at South Kensington to get us to Holborn where our next bit of culture awaited at the British Museum (again it’s FREE).

Both Zoe and Amy are interested in Ancient Greek history and mythology so we had wandered room to room admiring hundreds of Greek artefacts and some hilarious statues (not sure whether they were meant to be).

Of course, the busiest area of the museum is the Mummy room where Egyptian Mummies are on display. Personally, I don’t think it’s right to gawp at the dead. There’s something so sad about a body being taken from its resting place and put on display. Though it is interesting, nonetheless.


Feeling peckish, we jumped into a cab from the British Museum (£6.00) to The Mediterranean Cafe in Soho. There was a great selection of food including vegetarian options. If you’re really on a budget they have a set menu!

We were greeted by the friendly staff who continuously topped up our black olives and warm flat bread (£3 altogether).

Zoe and I opted for the Halloumi to start which was beautifully presented with a mixed salad. The halloumi wasn’t too salty and the salad was seasoned with a lovely dressing. Amy had the mussels – which she had never tried before – and thoroughly enjoyed them (although a little messy!)

For the main, I had the Falafel and Houmous which again came with a mixed salad. I was really happy to have the bread with the houmous as there was a generous serving of it. As for the falafel – oh my goodness. It was amazing. Falafel can either be too greasy or crumbly and dry but this was fantastic. Falafel is back in the game!

Both courses (as well as the bread and olives) and a bottle of water came to approximately £20.00.


After a long day, we said goodbye to London and headed home for a much-needed sleep.

The great thing about London is that there are so many free things for you to do, especially museums and galleries. The whole day I spent under £60 including transport, food and drink. It is possible!

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