Editing Stock Images

How to Customise Stock Images

Free and blogger friendly stock images are pretty popular on the internet. Yep,¬†others know about it too. Sorry. BUT there is something pretty awesome you can do to personalise them a little and that’s editing them to your desires. I recommend Photoshop but most free editing programmes will do a lot of this anyway!


Cropping an image down is a great way of focussing detail on one particular area of a photograph. It helps to draw attention to one area of the photograph.


By using text, you are making your images pinnable (for Pinterest, duh!) as well as making them a title piece as well as an image. Why does using text make images pinnable? Because it essentially becomes a resource. Sort of like a book cover in a book shop. If you had no title, it makes it a little difficult to see what it is. Although I like this feature a lot, I don’t use it myself.


Using hues, selective colour and other tools that can make your stock photos pop! Below I have implemented the crop option and played around with the colours to help the image stand out.

It only takes a few minor changes to make your stock photos personal to your tastes. It will be this that makes them a little bit more unique and stand out from other blogs.

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