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August Favourites: Music

I am not a huge music fiend like Laura. My heart is a fickle beast. One day I feel some dance and 90’s electronica, other days I’m big into some cheesy pop. Yes, I do have Backstreet Boys on my iPhone. Of course, I have my favourites and my go-to bands, though.

But I’ve decided to share with you lovely folks my favourite music right now.


Panic! At the Disco, A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out Death of a Bachelor

I fell for them when Laura borrowed A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out from her friend. The music was something I had never heard before (I was about twelve at the time) and I immediately scraped up my pocket money and went to buy it for myself. It was my first ever album and I still love it to this day.

While they’ve gone through some huge upheavals through their time, I find myself still in love with their sound. They have everything a fan of diverse music likes. One moment it can be upbeat and poppy – a real feel good song – the next could be about true loss and moving on.

Not to mention Brendon Urie’s vocal range is amazing and the lyrics are almost always captivating. Their use of extended metaphors makes the English Creative Writing fangirl in me overjoyed.

My favourite video from their latest album is this masterpiece for Emperor’s New Clothes.

Lady Gaga, Til it Happens to You

While I like some of Gaga’s early songs, none of her music has sat with me the way Til it Happens to You did. The song itself is heart wrenching – even without context – but accompanied by the official video it will have you in tears.

Honestly, I’m loving the new style Gaga is adopting. It feels less forced and more sincere. The world can relate to her more. Yes, meat dresses and the Elton John look was fun for a while but now it speaks to people. Especially if she continues to create songs on the harder topics. How many people write songs with Til it Happens to You‘s meaning and delivers it with the same passion Gaga had at the Oscars?

If you’re strong enough, watch the official music video of Til it Happens to You.

Karliene, Youtube and Albums

I have been listening to Karliene for about three years, now. I found her when hunting for a Rains of Castamere cover and was immediately enchanted by her voice. Her covers are great and any Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings fan would be proud.

But it’s not just the amazing Celtic covers that she does. She writes songs inspired by TV shows and books. She even wrote one inspired by NBC’s Hannibal.

My favourite songs she’s covered are Princess Leia’s Theme (instrumental) and Half Light (inspired by Guillermo del Toro’s Mama).

She has several albums out now and they are certainly worth a buy. They take her favourite women from both history and legends to tell a story of a person. Anne Boleyn is not just the Henry VIII’s second wife – Beheaded. Or even Mary Kelly, the prostitute Jack the Ripper killed. Karliene treats those women as what they were – people who lived, loved and suffered the greatest heartbreaks. We forget that they were daughters, wives, a mother and a person who lost everything because of evil. Karliene reminds us of who they were before they became famous for their deaths.

Go to Karliene’s amazing Youtube channel and see her great work for yourself! She’s definitely worth a listen.

Music is amazing in that it changes so much depending on time, world events and personal experiences. It’s an amazing form of art which reveals a lot about a person and creates memories. What are your favourite songs/albums/artists at the moment? 

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