A Perfect Weekend Getaway for Art & Culture Fans in Amsterdam

Not all of us can spare the time for a long break whenever we feel like getting away. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to deprive yourself of the chance to get away to somewhere special.

Amsterdam is a wonderful destination for a short break crammed full of art, culture and fun. So, what can you do here to make the most of a weekend getaway?


Art fans will love the fact that Amsterdam is packed full of amazing art galleries. You could easily spend a whole day walking around the city and checking out some wonderful pieces of art.

The city’s art galleries are spread out over a number of different districts. And you’ll find plenty of art to look at in neighbourhoods such as Spiegelkwartier and Jordaan. And that’s just by walking around.

Amsterdam is a city with a proud artistic heritage. And it shouldn’t take you long to see that there is no sign of this ending anytime soon! You can explore all of this art easily whenever it suits you by booking a weekend getaway with LastMinuteCityBreaks.


The incredible wealth of museums in this city makes it easy to soak up some culture and learn a few things. There are a number of different museums covering a wide range of subjects in Amsterdam.

For a start, you might want to see the incredible Rijksmuseum. It has a valuable collection of spectacular pieces of art as well as other artifacts. The Van Gogh Museum, the Jewish Historic Museum and the Stedelijk Museum also give you different ways of seeing a lot of culture while you are here.

It doesn’t end there, though! Because Rembrandt’s old house and Amsterdam Museum are other terrific places to spend a few hours. Obviously, you won’t expect to see everything on offer in a single weekend. So, you should select a few highlights and leave the rest for your next trip.


Bicycles are such a big part of Dutch culture that it is no wonder that many tourists decide to hire one. And it is easy to do as there are many cycle hire firms spread all across the city.

This is possibly the easiest and most convenient way to get around and it will also give you a chance to really experience Amsterdam. You will see many locals getting around in the same way and you can also veer off of the beaten track to cycle around the canals.

The flatness of the land around here means that you won’t need to put a huge amount of effort into pedalling from one place to another. However, you will get a lot of fun out of it as part of a stress-free trip to Amsterdam.


Amsterdam may seem like a series of small villages but it is actually a bustling, cosmopolitan city with a lot of top class events worth checking out. If you want to see a show or concert then this is a great city to do it in!

The Royal Concertgebouw, the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ and the Stadsschouwburg are among the best places to head out to for your evening entertainment. The selection of events typically runs from theatre to classical music and opera.

Rock and modern dance music are also very well represented here. The Heineken Music Hall is a fine place to see a concert and there are many smaller venues as well.

The huge appeal of Amsterdam makes it perfect for different trip types and a cultural experience is definitely one of them. It is certainly somewhere worth checking out soon if you haven’t already done so

Tim Baker is a 20 something years old guy who loves exploring our small planet and sharing his experiences on popular blogs around the web.

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    Thank you so much for this, Tim. I love Amsterdam. I want to visit it someday and one of the reason is the arts and museums in there and RIDING A BIKE! <3

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