How to Create a Neutral Instagram Theme

How to Create A Neutral Instagram Theme

If you’re not one for bright and bold colours, perhaps a more neutral Instagram theme is for you? However, when I say “neutral” I’m talking about white backgrounds, browns, greys and faded colours. Nothing too vibrant! Here are some examples.




These feeds all contain some colour, but they are quite muted and contain rather neutral backdrops. They also use textures and patterns to bring life to their images. But you don’t have to worry about that too much. Instagram is full of accounts that focus on colour schemes over elaborate backgrounds!


The most popular Instagram accounts which are neutral contain the following features (but not always altogether):

Main tones

  • Grey
  • Cream
  • White
  • Black
  • Pastel shades (not many)
  • Faded tones or if you prefer, bright whites

So what do you need to achieve these images?


  • White bedsheets
  • Cream throws
  • Grey cushions
  • White worktops
  • Marble
  • Neutral tiles
  • Wooden floors
  • Cities
  • Grey skies
  • Pavements


You can literally have anything else in the photo as long as you have the above. It doesn’t exactly matter as it’s the editing that will help create the theme.


There are plenty of photo editing apps but for me, creating neutral images even ones with bright whites I use VSCO and Instagram to edit. And the best thing is? You can copy your edits to other images. This is great to get the base adjustments but more often than not you will still have to tweak bits and pieces!

Here’s how I edited the below images:

  • Take the¬†photo (usually with a white background but not always!)
  • Open in VSCOcam
  • Filter A6/HB1/HB2 (between 9 and 9.5) – any of these filters work for this style of theme
  • Exposure (2.5)
  • Contrast (1.6)
  • Saturation (-2.1)
  • Temperature (between -1.0 and 0.5)
  • Fade (1-3)
  • Upload to Instagram
  • Add Ludwig filter (80% – 100%)

Some of the images below have more fade than others but once you use Ludwig on them, it dies down! Therefore, it’s always best to play around and see what suits you best.


If you have images with blue skies, what I tend to do is lower the saturation even further and up the brightness slightly until I am happy with the tonality. Then, when you open it in Instagram you can tweak the colours with Ludwig filter. Thus, creating a whiter sky as opposed to blue!

That’s it! You have an easy editing method for creating a neutral Instagram theme! Remember to always show your personality in your photos over aesthetic and don’t be afraid to experiment. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have everything perfect because you will have days when your whites won’t all look the same. But it doesn’t matter as long as the photo is pretty and reflects you as an Instagrammer.

What tips would you give to aiming for an Instagram theme? What are some of your favourite themes that use neutral tones?

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    This was an awesome tutorial and insight into Instagram themes. Many that I have come across are not as instructional and leave out most of what you’ve included here. Thanks!

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