How to Create More Light and Space in Your Home

You can guarantee if a home is on the market and it provides ample light and space, the estate agent will mention it. Why? Because no one likes living in small and dark spaces. We all like bright and airy rooms, that’s what makes us happy and what sells.


Bright and airy rooms create an illusion of more space. More space means more value. It can be value in the monetary sense but it also gives one the sense of value in yourself. If you live in a home which is spacious and light you feel better about yourself and your life as a whole.

It’s also cheaper to live amongst minimalist designs with less furniture and without designer floral wallpaper. Although, if your home is already rather spacious, wallpaper and nic-nacks are a good thing. But for the cramped rooms? Here are my tips for making your rooms feel larger.



Many people will say white is the best colour to make a room feel bigger as white reflects light. However, a frosty blue colour with white floors (which is what I have in my living room/dining room) also achieves this goal. Muted neutral shades are best for opening up a room. Upstairs in my home, for example, all of the walls are Jasmine White as opposed to a pure white which can be overpowering. The carpet upstairs is a light grey which makes the walls seem brighter.

Use testers to see which colours will be best in your home. Brands like Dulux do paints for different requirements such as creating more light and space, however, our Mineral Mist blue worked just as well to keep the room bright but not lifeless.

If you’re worried that the light walls and floors will make the room feel cold, add a rug to create some cosiness.


ways of letting in light and preventing a claustrophobic atmosphere.


Although it’s not the cheapest option, sometimes you have to replace the old with the new. Getting rid of your old windows and having new, larger ones will help open up your room. Get one big long window as opposed to two smaller ones to widen the range of light coming in.

And for those converted attics and sloped ceilings, there is useful space! Roof windows of Solstro by VELUX, for example, make that sloped ceiling a piece of valuable space. Roof windows aren’t as hard to install as many people imagine so consider this for loft conversions and tiny corners.

Also, remember to keep your windows clean and don’t clutter them with dark wood blinds, heavy curtains and window sill ornaments. Keep it free to let light come in!



Not only are mirrors very useful when you’re about the leave the house, but they can also make a small area feel brighter and more spacious.

Add a mirror above a fireplace or in your narrow hallway to help bounce off more natural light around the room. The mirror will become a decorative piece but will also fool the mind into thinking your room is bigger than what it is. Placing it near a window will bounce off the natural light and will also widen the scope of space when it reflects the outdoors.

Mirrored surfaces such as photo frames and home accessories also help create the illusion of light and space.

Glass is also a great way to open up a room. Glass topped tables and glass doors are both fantastic ways of letting in light and preventing a claustrophobic atmosphere.



Lots of shelves, tables covered in junk, plants everywhere… These are all things that can make a room feel smaller.

Minimise the amount of clutter by creating minimal, sneaky storage spaces and rearranging your room. Once you have got rid of old bookcases and replaced them with floating shelves, you have then taken one step to creating more floor space. Take the photo frames from the mantelpiece and window sill and put them on the wall. Not too many as that will destroy the idea of less clutter!

I didn’t want my walls bare, so I opted for three large wall prints and three floating shelves as well as our TV. We needed some floor space for our German Shepherds but keep the room cosy with throws, cushions, a marble coffee table and a rug. In the dining room, we have our dining table, a mirror and a large clock. That’s it! It has so much space in there and the patio doors bring in so much light. It would be a bit different if we had cabinets and bookcases…



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