Why You Need to Write a Happy List

Why You Should Create a Happy List

I always advise when people are angry or upset they should write it down. And who doesn’t love a good old list? One thing we should list more often what makes us happy. Not many of us tend to do that. We write lists of what we need to do, what we should buy and a list of pros and cons of tricky situations. But what about just a list of positive things in our lives? What makes us feel excited? What has us smiling so much our face hurts? Or even what gives us butterflies?

It’s time to focus on the positive aspects of life and write down your happy list. You can download a Happy List here!


By writing down all that makes you smile you begin to feel naturally cheerier. This is because you are reminded of all the good there is in the world as opposed to just focussing on the bad. We may be facing tough times politically, morally and ethically but thinking positively will help make you appreciate the small, everyday things.


As well as helping you to think about the little tidbits that put a smile on your face, taking note of what you love makes us realise how much we have. I feel such comfort when I realise how lucky I am to have a roof over my head. Even more so because I own it. Something I would never have imagined ten years ago. You can always go into detail. You may be happy with your partner. But what makes you happy about them?

Is it the way he makes you laugh?

How she smiles?

How good they are in bed?

Go into as much detail as possible, it makes you appreciate it a little more!

If you’re a lover of lists, this is the perfect task for when you’re feeling a bit blue. It puts everything into perspective and is a good way to remind you that life is precious and so are you. Don’t forget to check out my freebies page for other printables and goodies.

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