Coping with a Break Up

Coping With A Breakup

I am lucky that I have not had many breakup situations. I personally have never been the person being broken up with, I have done all the breaking. This can often be harder than being on the receiving end of bad news. But this post works both ways. At the end of the day, it’s about moving on.


Delete photos on your phone, remove them on Facebook, unfollow on Twitter, throw away love notes and hide any gifts that were given. Make sure you tell them that you need some time to yourself and if it’s best to cut them out completely for the time being.


Go out with friends as much as possible, stay in with them playing the PS4 or even just go for a walk with them. Keep yourself occupied but don’t shut yourself away. You’ll end up feeling lonely and will think about when you were in a relationship.


Find something that will keep you interested and will help you focus on things other than your emotions. Discover a film star to read up on (like Marilyn Monroe) this way you have a lot of books to read and films to watch.


There is nothing wrong with wanting some attention. Just don’t go giving it away. A little kiss here and there isn’t harmful and going on dates is all good but going further can ruin your reputation with your next prospective romance.


Put on some bouncy tunes, a movie you like and think “I will meet someone who will share this with me, that I’m happy with”. Not only will this be able to convince you that you’re going to find someone new in the future but you will also be able to reflect on what you want in a person.


Just think, there is no one to hold you back. Before I met Paul I decided I wanted to go back to college, go to New York on my own etc. I actually met Paul the day after I decided I wanted to do those things. That positive attitude showing I can be happy and on my own brought in a new chapter to my life. I was able to do those things but with someone who loved and supports me.


Get your hair done, join the gym and buy a new wardrobe of clothes. Decorate your new place how YOU want and fill it with joy. You don’t need to make over yourself, just makeover your life and the way you think and feel.


If you find yourself feeling sad or angry, write a letter to your ex. Tell them how you feel, why you hate them for how they make you feel and then tear it up. Take a deep breath, make yourself a cup of tea and have a nice bubble bath. Text your friends and plan a day out. Your new life is together where your old one is in shreds rotting in the bin.

Remember, everything happens for a reason and you will get through this. 

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