There are many things that I cringe at. Not at other people’s actions but at my own opinions. There are things that I reconsider saying because I worry about how they will react because of those opinions. But today I decided I want to share my confessions that I know a lot of people might disagree with and give a little explanation why I feel that way.

*Deep breath* here we go.


These are just my opinions. In no way are they to bash at people who like what I dislike and does what I can’t/won’t do, so don’t take any offence.

  1. I could never spend over £50 for a handbag or a pair of shoes. Yes, a £3000 bag is lovely but I wouldn’t want to use something that is that expensive that should be used every day.
  2. There’s a £3000+ handbag I want but it’s over my £50 limit haha. Darn you Chanel!
  3. Reality TV bores me to death. Big Brother, Love Island, I’m A Celebrity… I won’t watch them because I find it mind-numbingly boring.
  4. There are a few places I’ve visited in the world that everyone seems to love but I can’t see why… I’m so so sorry for this one. But Toronto, Lisbon, Barcelona and Reykjavik offered very little to me. Although they were lovely places to visit, I literally could’ve spent just a couple of hours there.
  5. I say the C-word too much. In fact, I swear a lot in general.
  6. Socialising is my least favourite activity in the world. I rather stay at home in bed.
  7. I want to go vegan. No preaching here but it’s something I want to at least try.


  8. Saying I want to go vegan is a contradiction when I tell you that my sofa is leather and I hate myself for it. We wanted faux leather but there you go. No excuses really.
  9. Friends, Big Bang Theory, Gavin & Stacy, The Office (US), The Inbetweeners… Are all shows I walk out of the room when they come on.
  10. I want to be a part of a blogging clique but hate them at the same time. It’s a jealousy thing I think.
  11. I’d love to make more money from blogging. Who doesn’t want to get paid to do what they love? Being emailed to write about something I wouldn’t usually write about creates interesting challenges which I really enjoy. However, I won’t just write about anything. I have to be able to create something from it that’s useful.
  12. I often think about what fictional characters would do in everyday life. Yep, that’s right. Imagine Daryl Dixon waking up and popping to the loo. I’m such a weirdo, send  help.
  13. I kinda wish Paul got cats instead of dogs. I love love love my Pharaoh and Chaplin more than anything. But fucking hell they are hard work. Cats are so much easier to look after and they don’t roll around in their own piss haha.
  14. I won’t write about sex on my blog. Being a married woman, I feel that my sex life isn’t for you guys to read about. My sex life is a private matter and no one needs to know my thoughts on penises and vaginas.


  15. I have a lot of woman crushes and I probably am more attracted to female celebs than I am male. I wouldn’t go as far to call myself bisexual because I have never been sexually attracted to a woman, I just find a lot of women attractive. Does that make sense? I’ll share some of my favourite ladies with you soon in a special post dedicated them.
  16. I reckon that I could be really good at photography if I understood lenses more and had more opportunities to take amazing photos. I’m not sure if this makes sense. One thing for sure is that I’d love to take a course in editing photos. I’ve seen so many before and afters and the photos look amazing once edited when they were actually a bit ‘meh’ beforehand.
  17. I edit people’s photos in my mind. Sorry bloggers but some photos I ask myself, “What the?” Like, the composition was intended but wasn’t 100% there. I mean, I’m no expert but sometimes I say to myself, “I know what they’re trying to achieve but they’re not there yet.” I do the same thing with mine but I publish them anyway when I’ve given up caring.
  18. I’m very opinionated about stuff I have no knowledge or expertise in. See the last two points…
  19. Mornings are horrible, I hate them and I’m a bitch when I wake up.
  20. I never got the love for Amy Winehouse, David Bowie or Bob Dylan. Not a fan of their music at all #sorrynotsorry.


Yay, you’ve made it to the end of the post! Do you think I’m a complete bitch now? I don’t blame you completely. But I don’t think we should worry so much when it comes to discussing our opinions on what we like and don’t like or when we’ve done something wrong. You can’t judge someone on those traits as they are simply opinions.

Do you have any confessions? Guilty pleasures? Or do you find something completely overrated that everyone seems to love? You can share your secret confessions with me!

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