Defending Your Beliefs

Defending Our Confessions and Beliefs


In a world where you are judged for the smallest opinion or belief, people have grown either unconfident or violently defensive of their feelings. Some people will insult or even threaten others who air their beliefs. For example, Laura recently received a comment saying she was a “cow” and “self-centred” based on her personal opinions. Others will say, “I think I like this.” And then they change their opinion the moment their friend or family member goes, “No way. That’s rubbish.” They half-heartedly defend why they said they liked it, but otherwise begin to believe they don’t.

Yes, we should constructively debate and air our opinions. But the Ancient Greeks believed strongly in the ideal of ‘Everything in Moderation’. We should both listen to and defend opinions. In fact, we should defend everyone’s right to air them – as is our right in a civilised human society. But what we shouldn’t defend are people who take their opinions further and use them to break the law or erase other people’s human rights.

So here are my confessions and beliefs. You can read some of Laura’s here!


  1. I believe in fate, free will and parallel universes. It’s complicated
  2. Whenever I look back into my past, I either feel crippling regret or depressingly nostalgic. Even though my life is okay right now, I can’t help but miss moments in my past in a way that makes it physically hurt.
  3. I am such a slow reader, it’s a mission to finish a book.
  4. I have such terrible skin, I doubt I will ever take a selfie without any makeup on.
  5. You can’t blame a film, book or computer game for someone’s actions. If your eight-year-old gets hold of GTA, it’s your responsibility they understand why it’s bad to reenact the game.
  6. Sometimes, I want to have a religion or be part of a group so I don’t feel so adrift.
  7. Ghosts may or may not exist. I don’t actively believe in them, but I would totally believe if I couldn’t disprove evidence.
  8. I am aware I’m extremely materialistic and long to be minimalist. But I don’t think I have the willpower.
  9. I’m jealous of how good-looking my famous crush is. I cannot watch him out of character. It would be normal if it was, “I can’t have him.” Instead, it’s because I want to be as good looking.
  10. I am extremely obsessive. To the point where I have more Hugh Dancy films then I have clothes.


But why am I telling you this? Well, it’s because I want you to see that – as ridiculously embarrassing as some of them can be – it’s okay to say what you believe. I’m not afraid of someone mocking me for it. They are just the little quirks that make me who I am.

If Tumblr had it their way, everyone would be so quirky or ‘neutral’ that there’d be no diversity at all. If Youtube commenters were to be believed, no one would make the entertainment we enjoy daily. It’s why I love strange and unique channels like Glam and Gore, Rob Dyke and Jenna Marbles. They don’t let comments get to them and control what they upload. Each of them are popular because people out there relate to them. No real person out there has such a beige personality that they will please everyone – because it would be such a displeasing and unsatisfying experience for viewers.

What are your experiences of airing your opinions? What confessions and beliefs do you have that you used to think were embarrassing?

Passionate about all forms of art be that computer games, makeup or literature… The list really does go on!

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