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Six Things You Need to Take With You on Your Commute

When I was commuting to London, I would do lots of people watching and I found it amazing the sort of things people forget on their commute. From experience (for better, for worse) I thought I would share what I have with me on my daily commute. Here are the commuting essentials all city workers need:


You have probably seen it a lot when bustling by others on their commute to work. Suits and trainers. Trainers are comfortable, perfect for running to the train and great for rubbish weather. Leave a couple of pairs of smart shoes at work to change into.


Tight shift dresses and suits can make you feel sticky and uncomfortable on the train. So, wear a smart vest, loose skirt or dress but make sure you look professional for the office. You can always layer up with a blouse and a blazer.


Keep notebooks, pens, a diary and your laptop (if you use one) in this bag. It can be tempting to leave them at the office or at home but you don’t know when you will need them on your journey. I use a Cath Kidston bag to hold all of my work essentials and it’s perfect!


Getting on the train in the summer is horrible, especially during rush hour. Bring your handbag essentials like a hairbrush, a hair tie (perfect for when it’s a humid day), roll on deodorant and a small body spray. Keep spare makeup at the office so you can pop to the loo to apply


Bring a small book or Kindle, your iPhone/MP3 player to listen to podcasts (Radiolab and Serial are great) and music (don’t forget your earphones!). Pick up a Metro to catch up with the news on your way through the station to read on your journey!


Make sure you also bring a bottle of water with you, especially in the summer. Hydration is key at all times, but on a busy, warm, stuffy train you will want to avoid collapsing.

Do you have any commuting essentials you want to share? 

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