Common Misconceptions About Bloggers

A few weeks ago I took part in a bloggers chat on Twitter which was talking about the misconceptions of blogging and it gave me an idea for a post.

I think as soon as you say that your hobby or job is blogging it’s common for people to make assumptions . I also believe bloggers do the same thing. Hands up, when I started blogging I assumed there was a ” blogger type”; that you needed to like, enjoy and experience certain stereotypical bloggerisms. Which in reality isn’t the case. We are all different and enjoy different things but sometimes people just can’t see through it.


  • Like macaroons even if we constantly photograph them
  • Go for weekly afternoon tea
  • Live in London, Paris, New York…
  • Enjoy vlogging
  • Want to do it full time
  • Has a photography degree or a photographer boyfriend
  • Are good at posing/are natural  posers
  • Work with brands
  • Care about #LFW #PFW #NYFW
  • Love designer clothing
  • Are obsessed with fashion
  • Get paid to write posts
  • Do it full time
  • Enjoy baking or crafts
  • Listen to James Bay
  • Are good at hair and make up
  • Go on weekly shopping hauls

But then again there are many bloggers who do do all of those things and that’s perfectly fine. But I don’t like being thought of as being “typical”. As bloggers we have individual thoughts, feelings and opinions.


  • Photograph what we think is pretty, interesting or what we enjoy
  • Write honest posts about whatever we feel like at the time
  • Live in PJs
  • Hate having our photos taken let alone film ourselves
  • Take 10 minutes with our make up
  • Hate being the centre of attention
  • Don’t like being photographed
  • Listen to heavy metal but dress like princesses

Not everything you see on a blog is how someone lives. Blogs are a comfort blanket to some people – whether it’s to create self expression, to grow confidence or to have a business it’s important to remember blogs don’t define everything about you (unless Carrie Bradshaw has been your idol since you were 15). Some bloggers have to put on a persona because blogging is their livelihood, it’s like an alter ego.

Your blog is so you can be whoever you want.

If you saw my post about being true to yourself you will know what I mean when I say that if you want to create the blogger facade there is nothing wrong with that at all (sometimes you have to to reach certain goals) but always be true to who YOU are. Enjoy blogging, show off those macaroons  but say no when someone offers them to eat if you don’t like them! 😉

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