Feeling Comfortable When Working Out

I was always terrified of going to the gym. But seven years ago I plucked up the courage to join a local centre and started working out daily. My workout consisted of the treadmill and bike. Not very inventive but as time went on I became more and more comfortable with certain equipment. Most importantly I felt comfortable with myself. This was due to a mixture of things which I hope will make you feel more relaxed when working out.

Feeling Comfortable Working Out


Feeling Comfortable Working Out

Before you even start thinking about working out, decide whether you will be better off at home or at the gym. Some people prefer doing home workouts as opposed to paying for membership, which is completely understandable.

There are benefits of both!

Gym workouts:

  • Various equipment,
  • Motivational environment,
  • Few distractions,
  • Gets you out of the house,
  • More room.

Feeling Comfortable Working Out

Home workouts:

  • Better for those who don’t feel confident at a gym,
  • Less intimidating,
  • Workout outdoors in the fresh air,
  • Convenient.

If you’ve never tried a gym, see if a local health centre has a free trial for you to test before you commit.


Feeling Comfortable Working Out

There are a lot of brands that sell wonderful patterned leggings, tummy tucking tops and beautiful sports bras. But they are often £60+. What if you’re looking for something pretty, simple and, most of all, comfy? Well, my advice is to look outside of the sports brands. I find that the cheaper sports leggings from Nike can often scrunch up, slide down, cause wedgies… The list goes on. But many high street stores offer their very own line of sportswear. And if you’re like me and wanting something new every week, you’re much better off spending less money more often.

An example of the most comfortable workout clothes I own was gifted to me by Apricot, who have a line of gorgeous, comfortable workout clothes for you to wear at the gym or at home. The pink t-shirt (also available in black) is loose fitting and doesn’t cling to my lumps and bumps, whereas the leggings are a different story! They fit wonderfully around my hips and contour my body perfectly. Oh, and thank goodness, they have zip pocket which is perfect for when you have locker keys to carry around with you at the gym. I know these clothes are for working out but I could probably just wear them around the house too!


Feeling Comfortable Working Out

Once you’ve decided the location and outfit for your sessions, you need to test out equipment that suits the workouts you will be doing. Some workouts, such as squats, crunches etc. don’t require any equipment at all. However, I find to have a kettle bell, wheel and yoga mat are always handy at home!

Don’t use weights that are too heavy for you as you don’t want to cause an injury. Slowly work your way up. Remember you want to feel comfortable when working out, not stopping after one or two sessions because you’ve pulled a muscle!

Don’t be afraid to experiment to find out the workout method for you! Whether you decide to workout at the gym, home or outdoors, just make sure you’re comfortable.


Feeling Comfortable Working Out

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